Monday, July 6, 2009

My (first?) Kmart doubles trip

Here's my load from the double coupon trip. I will outline what I got and the price after coupon. Remember that the coupons $2 and under are doubled!
  • See and Say toy $6.99 (these first four items are a part of a deal going on now at Kmart where you buy $20 in toys and get $5 off) = 1.99
  • Hot wheels car $1= $1
  • 2 Pictureka card games $5.99 each, $5 IP each = 0.99 each
  • 1 Duracell batteries $4.19. $1 MQ = $2.19
  • 2 Edge shave gel $1.99 each, $1 IP = free
  • 2 Skintimate shave gel $1.99, $1 IP = free
  • 1 clearance razor $4.74, $2 MQ= 0.74
  • 2 Bic Soleil disposable razor packs $5.29, $2 MQ = 1.29 each
  • 3 Johnson's buddies soap 0.99 each, $2.50 Kmart coupon = 0.49 total for 3
  • 2 Sparkle paper towels $2.99 each and 2 Angel soft tissue $1.45 each, $2 IP when you buy 1 sparkle towel and 1 angel soft = 0.88 total for all 4 things
  • 1 Glade candle refill $3.49, "buy 1 candle get refills free" MQ = free
  • Glade candle $3.29, $1.50 MQ (found inside the tin!) = 0.29
  • 2 fun size bags Butterfingers $2.99 each, $1 IP = 0.99 each
  • 2 Hershey 6 pack full bars $2.50 each, $1/2 MQ = $1.50 each
  • 2 Lays potato chips $2.50 each, $1/2 MQ (from All You magazine) = $1.50 each
  • 2 Pringles chips $1.50 each, $1/2 MQ = 0.50 each
  • Lipton cold brew tea bags $1.99, 0.50 MQ = 0.99
  • HoneyMaid graham crackers $2.50, $1 "when you buy Hersheys and marshmallows" MQ = 0.50
  • Oreo Cakesters $3, $1/2 MQ = $1
  • 1 Peter pan peanut butter $2.29, $1 MQ = 0.29
  • 3 Sunny Delight $1.39 each, 0.55 MQ = 0.29 each
  • 1 Marshmallows $1.79 no coupon

My "before" total was $108.10, but after doubled coupons I paid $37.06 which is a savings of 66%! But here is where it gets even better. I was going through my receipt and several coupons didn't double right. I matched them up to the items and it turns out the store owes me an additional $9.11! So my total after I go back for that money will be $27.95!!!

Always check your receipt. Anytime I see that the clerk has to 'choose' an item on the screen to match to the product, if they don't choose the exact item the coupon won't double correctly. I hate that I can't see their registers when I am checking out, but they have always been great about giving me my money back. I guess I will plan my next trip to double coupons since I will be getting money back.

I've heard already from Tiffany who had a great run at is everyone else doing? Leave me a message.


  1. Can you use doubles any day of the week or is just one day you can?

  2. Rachal, the doubles continue all week until close of business on Saturday. Their new ad will start on Sunday. Take advantage of the doubles, I went back for another trip today!

  3. Hi Kendra, you are purchasing more than 10 things with coupons but I thought they only doubled 10 coupons per day per person. Do I have that right? It sounds like a wonderful deal but I want to make sure I have the terms right before I make the trip to Portage. Thanks so much for sharing all your coupon knowledge with everyone.

  4. You're right Heather, the ad states 10 coupons only. However, I've never had them stop me from doing more. Now if I had 100 coupons maybe they would say something, but it hasn't happened yet. The cash registers will still double them. I would always be prepared if they say something. I would have them do separate transactions if that was the case! Good luck.

  5. Does kmart always do a double coupon? If so how do you know is it displayed in there ad? I love your newsletter. Can you e-mail me one every week? If so please send to I want to learn how to save money and get stuff for free. Thanks!!