Thursday, July 23, 2009

Pierce's highlights

Sorry I am a day late on the ad highlights. I fell asleep in a child's bed trying to get them to sleep last night and didn't make it to the computer to finish it up.

Page 1
Bananas $0.38/lb

Watermelon, whole/seedless $2.98

Post cereal 5/$10, I believe there are $1/2 coupons

Pillsbury cake mix 10/$10, $1/2 MQ from tearpad awhile back

Page 2
Hormel pork butt roast or steaks $1.38/lb. I bought these a while back and they were delicious!

Surefine bacon $1.68- a good price for bacon I think.

Gold'n Plump whole chicken 2/$8

Kemps chocolate milk 1 gallon $1.99

Surefresh chunk cheese 10/$10

Minute maid frozen drinks 10/$10, cheap juice here

Totino's pizza rolls 10/$10, this is the cheapest these go for.

Page 3
Kraft Velveeta Shells/cheese 2/$3, this is the cheapest this typically gets

Chicken or Tuna Helper 10/$10, look out for $1/3 MQ

General mills cereal 5/$10, there are $1/3 MQ, or 0.50 or better each IP

Betty Crocker fudge brownies 10/$10

General Mills granola bars 4/$9, there are 0.50 and 0.35 MQ for the different varieties

Page 4
Dole lettuce 0.99/bag

cucumbers 5/$3

That is all I see folks. As always these are the items I feel are a good deal, but you may feel differently. Remember too that you do not need to buy in quantities of 10 to receive the 10/$10 price.

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