Monday, August 31, 2009

Tuesday Traders and UPDATES

Ok everyone, it's a new month. Clean out your expired coupons and take note of what you have "extra" or what you don't think you will be using.

Leave a comment on the post, and I will update the list online. Be sure to leave a way for people to contact you.

If you are looking for a particular coupon, you can leave that in a comment as well. This way we can all help each other.

Happy Tuesday everyone!!!!

I've got lots of everything it seems...especially: cleaners, toothbrush(b1g1), razors, yogurt, yogurt, and more yogurt, cereal, fruit snack things, crackers, baking mixes, gerber coupons, a couple of goodstart $1 & $2 checks. i have some huggies coupons that might go to waste too-i think my husband will commit me if i buy too many more right now:) (fyi: they're a super good price at walgreens right now)

anyone have any ICE TEA coupons? that's the only one i can think of that i really could use.


nonymous has left a new comment on your post "Tuesday Traders and UPDATES":

I have a ton of coupons to trade - Texas Toast, Newman's Dressing, Suddenly Salad, Ocean Spray & Quakers Oatmeal, Quakers & Chex Mix Bars, Cheerios & Chex Snack Mix, Cereal, Oscar Mayer & Ballpark Hot Dogs, DiGiornio Pizza, Hormel Complete Meals, Egg Beaters, White Castle Burgers, Dek Nibte Fruit naturals Cups, Special K Crackers, Ziplock Bags, Viva Towels, Renolds Wrap, Cleaning Supplies, Kotex, Playtex, Glad Refills, Razors, Pet Food and More.

I am looking for Oscar Mayer Bacon and Gold'n Plump Everyday Easy Chicken Patties from the Smart Source Insert, Pampers Diapers and Sargento Cheese Stick Coupons.

Please email at if you are interested in any coupons I have to trade. Also, please email me if you have any of the coupons I'm looking for. Even if you have nothing to trade, if your willing to pick them up or pay postage you can have them. I don't want them to go to waste, if no one is interested I usually just leave them at Walmart for anyone to use.

Thanks, Joan

Kmart Double Run

Man did I have a fun time doing this trip. I was also buying birthday gifts for two of my boys, and my cashier was so wonderful and let me do FOUR transactions so I could make the most of the Kmart coupons. (Note: you can only use one Kmart coupon per trip. example: $5/$50 purchase.)

1 Kids toothpaste $2.29, $1 MQ - $0.29
1 Tampax compact $4.49, $2 MQ - $0.49
2 Secret deodorant $2.49, $2 MQ - free
4 trial size Degree deodorant $0.95, $0.75 MQ - free
2 Q-tips $2.50 each, $0.30 MQ - $1.90 each
3 Ziploc bags $2 each, $1/2 MQ, plus MQ buy 2 get 1 free - 3 boxes for $2
1 Bounce dryer sheets $2.99 on clearance (could not find my coupons for it, so mad!)
4 Chinet plates $3.55, $2 MQ - free
1 Wishbone salad dressing $1.99, Peelie on chinet to get free - free
1 glade candle $3.49, $1.50 MQ from inside tin - $0.49
1 Glade candle refill $3.49, MQ to get free when you buy candle - free
5 Glade soy candles $2.99, MQ to get free - free
2 Welch's jelly $2, $0.75 MQ - $0.49 each
2 Hunt's Ketchup $1, $1/2 MQ - free
6 Reese's peanut butter cup 2 pack $0.89, BOGO MQ - got all free
3 8 pack Reese's pb cups $1, $0.55 MQ - free
2 Healthy choice fresh mixers $2.67, $1 MQ - $0.67 each
3 Sunny Delight juice $1 each, $0.55 MQ, plus 2 $0.25 MQ, 1 free, 2 @ $0.50 each
8 Snapple waters $1, 2 BOGO IP and $1 MQ for rest - all free

My 'before' total was just over $100, after coupons it was $10.45. As you can see, most of the things I bought were free or nearly free. I also used a $5/$50 purchase coupon, which is why I bought a free things that weren't on sale. I needed to make sure I had a balance that wasn't negative.

On another note (thanks mom), be sure to check the cosmetics area for clearance and sale items. My mom had several coupons for "$1 of any cover girl product" etc and was able to score free nail polish, emery boards and tweezers. I always forget to check that section. Thanks for the reminder!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Meal Plan Monday

Saturday: lunch was taco salads, supper was pizza delivery

Sunday: lunch was cookout with family: chicken, pork, and hot dogs, cowboy beans and cantaloupe. Dinner was leftovers.

Monday: Chuck E cheese for twins birthday dinner

Tuesday: Chicken and Shrimp with rice and veggies

Wednesday: Fish sticks, mac & cheese, and veggie

Thursday: Pizza ?

Friday: Spaghetti

It's a weird week for meals. We had family over for a cookout on Sunday, monday is a special out to dinner night. We have tons of leftover chicken too. Looks like I will be freezing a bunch of the leftovers so they don't go to waste. I always freeze in small containers (unless I'm planning for a specific dinner with it) so I can pull it out for hubby's lunch if needed. He always takes leftovers and if there is a bunch to choose from he doesn't have to eat the same thing all week!

Have a great week everyone!

Walgreen's trip of the week

Sorry everyone. I should have gotten this post up earlier in the week in case it would have helped you plan your shopping trip. I will try to be better about getting online right away. I finally got my laptop up and running and am able to download the pictures faster, so I should get faster.
2 Benadryl child liquid, $1 MQ on each plus $1 each in Walgreen Q from activity book
1 Gillette body wash $4.99, MQ to get free when you buy Fusion razor
1 Gillette Fusion razor $2.79 on clearance, $2 MQ
6 Scotch tape $0.50 with ad coupon, $1/3 MQ
1 Walgreen's paper plates $0.99
2 Box blank greeting cards 2/$3
1 Walgreen's activity book $0.99 (has a whole page of Walgreen's coupons in it that you can stack with MQ)

So my total after using all my register rewards from last week was $4.78. And I also earned back another $5 in rewards. The total of my coupon and ad savings was $34.73!

Be sure to check this week's ad at Walgreen's because there are 4 freebies after register rewards. Buy them to get a big stash of rewards to use on your next trips!

Friday, August 28, 2009

State Journal Update

Thanks for this go out to follower Rachel who wrote to let me know that the Sunday State Journal is likely increasing their Sunday paper price. It sounds like the price of a Sunday paper is going from $1.75 to $2 each. This price increase is supposed to take effect September 20th.

If you have been considering a Sunday only subscription in order to receive coupons, I would sign up before that price increase.

You can go to to look for deals in your area. I see there is a deal going on right now for the Saturday and Sunday State Journal for $1.13 a week. That is a great deal.

Want an even better deal? Do what my friend Gayle does. She shares a paper with a neighbor. Find an elderly or other neighbor that gets the newspaper. See if they will share with you daily, or offer to pay for part of the subscription. You both get to benefit, especially if they don't use the coupons!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Kmart...the good and bad news

According to, Kmart will be holding double coupons again starting this Sunday. Yippee! Of course the bad news is that this will be the last such time they will have them in 2009.

This is your last chance at Kmart double for the year. Take a good look around your house and see what you will be needing between now and then. Then check you coupons and match them up!

I know I don't need a lot now, but there are things I may be needing before the new year.

Check Kmart's website under "coupons". There are many coupons that they have going right now including a $5/$50 purchase and $5/$20 toy purchase.

Hip2save will likely be posting a comprehensive coupon match up list, so be sure to check out her site!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Pierce's highlights for the week

Here are the weekly deals that I see at Pierce's....

Page one
Cantaloupe $1.48
Paula red apples 3 lb bag $1.88
Caprisun or Koolaid Jammers $1.88 (I think this is a good price???)
Farmland pork fillet $0.98, Use any of MQ from prior post here
Pepsi 12 packs 4/$12

Page two
Jennio frozen turkey breast $1.39/lb
Hormel black label bacon 2/$5
Kemps sour cream $0.99
Surfresh soft margarine $0.79

Page three
Campbell's healthy request soup 2/$3, $0.40/2 MQ
Hormel Compleats 2/$4, use $0.75/1 MQ and BOGO MQ to get two for $1.25!
Poptarts 12 count 2/$5, use $1/2 MQ plus coupon in ad for $2 off milk when you buy 2,so for $4 you get 2 box poptarts and $2 in free milk!

Page 4
all I see here is green beans for $1.29/lb

Don't forget to check the Wednesday Daily Register for a bonus Pierce's coupon. Page A7 has a coupon for a gallon of Kemps Wisconsin Farms Milk for $1.68. Cut it out and be sure to use it in combination with the poptart deal above.

good luck with your shopping this week!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Target run

I had to break it up into two pictures, AND there are a few things that didn't make it into the pictures. Here is the breakdown so you can see how I did it.

2 plastic juice cups for school luches $1.45 ea
1 Cascade Rinse $3.64, MQ to get free
1 Bounce dryer bar $3.79, $2.50 MQ
10 All laundry detergent $1.17, $1 MQ on each
18 Tide laundry detergent $1.12, $1 MQ on each
12 Olay bar soap $0.97, $1 MQ on each
2 Chips Deluxe cookies $1.99 each, used $1/2 MQ, and $2 off milk MQ (free milk!)
2 Rice Krispie treats $1.75 ea, $1/2 MQ
10 PopTarts boxes, $1.46 each, $1/2 MQ plus $0.75 target coupon each ($0.21 each!)
4 Nutrigrain bars $2.39 each, $1/2 MQ plus $4 off Coffee MQ (free coffee)
1 Granola bars $1.44, $0.50 target coupon
2 Yogos snack $1.75, $1/2 MQ plus $0.50 target coupon
1 True delight bars $2.74, $1 MQ
2 packs Bic pencils $1.24, $1/2 MQ plus $1/2 target coupon
2 more BIC pencils $1, $1/2 MQ plus $1/2 target coupon
3 4-packs of notebooks $0.60 each
4 A1 sauce $2.09 each, $2 MQ off each plus 2x $2 off meat (not pictured) with purchase MQ
1 Kraft BBQ sauce $1.24, got free when buying something else
2 Parmesan cheese $3.49 each, $1 MQ plus got $3 free pasta when you buy 2 cheese
10 single packs cereal $1 each, $1 target coupon for each
1 Log Cabin syrup $3.39, $1 MQ
1 Mrs. butterworth syrup $2.84, $1 MQ
2 Quacker to go bars $2.50 each
2 Mott's applesauce $2.19, $0.50 each IP
2 Dole pineapple $0.77 each, $0.50 MQ
2 Honeydew melons (not pictured) $1.99 each, were free after Kraft purchase
4 Eggo Waffles $1.79 each, $1/2 MQ plus $2 in free bread MQ

As you can see, lots of freebies and many cheap items as well. I see that I was overcharged $3.64 where something rang twice. I will take that receipt with me next time I visit to get a refund.

My total was well over $180, but after coupons it was $63.46 with a savings of $136.75 per my receipt! That's a lot of coupons!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Menu plan Monday

It's that time again this week, here's what's on deck at our place.

Saturday: lunch leftovers/sandwiches, dinner was chicken, corn and baked potatoes.

Sunday: lunch was food court at the mall, dinner at my sister's.

Monday: Pork chops, rice, leftover corn and corn bread

Tuesday: Breakfast for dinner

Wednesday: Chicken with potatoes, salad and fresh veggies

Thursday: Pizza

Friday: Hamburgers and french fries

I don't know about you, but I am going to be sad once the garden veggies are done for the season. I love eating them fresh from the garden.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Grocery trip for the upcoming week

Here is my weekend run to the grocery store. As you can tell, there wasn't a lot to stock up on. My biggest purchase was getting cheese and tortillas. That was pretty cheap.

My total was $41.57, with an ad/coupon savings of $18.72. This left me with a whole lot of pocket change from my budgeted $70 per week to shop at Target. That post will be up later.

Walgreen's last week

Sorry everyone. I took a major blogging break to focus on my triathlon and weekend company. I am trying to get back up to date on my many deals and shopping trips.

I did two transactions at Walgreen's to get some extra Velveeta Shells and cheese since my kids love it and it was free after register rewards. I will combine the two transactions for the sake of this post.

8 Velveeta Shells/cheese $1 each, 4 BOGO MQ, and two $1/4 Walgreen's Q
1 Benefiber $12.99, $4 MQ
1 Copy paper $2.99 with ad coupon
4 Box tissue $0.99 each, used "Buy 3 get 1 free" MQ and $0.50/3 MQ
3 Legal pads $0.49 for the kids, they think it is so cool
3 Index cards $0.99, "Buy two get one free"
1 marshmallows $1.79
1 Gallon milk $2.29
1 Selsun shampoo $7.99

My before total was around $49 (P.S. I would never pay that much for this stuff), but after coupons and the many rewards that I had that were about to expire....I paid $14.12. And then I got $9 back in rewards.

Be sure to check the date on your register rewards so they don't expire! That would be bad.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Frugal Friday...not

Ok, seriously I did do some frugal shopping today. I will try to post it later. Today I am preoccupied with the fact that I am part of a relay triathlon team for tomorrow. Needless to say, I'm not up to posting my usual today. I have to swim the first leg of the race tomorrow. I will try to post tomorrow afternoon after it is all over and done.

Have a great day!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Unadvertised deals available

Walgreen's photo has a coupon deals left for this week. If you haven't used their service yet, I believe you get 25 free prints the first time you order online. Be sure to indicate that you will pick up in store so you aren't charged shipping.

Kristin emailed me today with the following:

I dont know if you do pictures at Walgreens, but here are a few sales that haven't been advertised:
~Thurs 8/20 - 20 free 4x6 prints (online code - 20free4me in store code - 6468)
~Fri 8/21 - free scrapbook page (online code - scrapit instore code - 6473)
~Aug. 26 is photo fun day instore and if you come in you can get a free 8x10 collage print

Be sure to check it out. Thanks for the heads up Kristin!


Hi all. I'd like to remind you to check out last week's post here . Quite a few of you have posted coupons you have there. I am hoping some of you can 'hook up' and get the coupons you need!

Have a great day!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Pierce's highlights

Hello all. Don't forget to check out the ad for yourself. As of Thursday a.m., you will also be able to access their 3 day sale (if they are having one) by visiting the homepage. click here to get to it.

Here are the deals as I see them for this week.

Page one
Sweet corn 12/$3
Grapes $0.98/lb
Pork loin or chops $1.88, I've seen cheaper- this price is so-so
Surefresh cheese $0.98, pretty good price, stock up and freeze
Roma pizza $1.58, cheap pizzas!
Post cereals $1.88, $1/2 MQ

Page two
Farmland bacon $2.18, use $1/1 MQ
Goldn Plump chicken thighs or legs 2/$5
Azteca Tortillas $0.99
Banquet frozen meals $0.88

Page three
Campbells soup 5/$3
Pace Salsa 2/$5
Spaghettios 3/$1.98
Chunky soups 2/$3, use $0.75/4 MQ
Old Orchard juice cocktails 2/$3, use $1/2 IP
Old Dutch tortilla chips 2/$4

Page four
---------No significant deals on this page. Thank goodness for the garden!

That is all I see for now folks. Looks like a pretty light grocery week for me.

Walgreen's bonus deal

This promotion is running from Wednesday to Saturday only. When you spend $25 you receive a $5 register reward. Please note that your $25 total is before any coupons or rewards used to get your total down.

I received my extra $5 reward today without difficulty. I had a bunch of rewards expiring today, so my total was pretty high. I will post that later.

Happy shopping, and 'hi' to my reader Kristin who stopped me today to talk.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A second trip to Kmart

In my defense (not that I need an excuse...) but my kids and I were at Kmart for a "birthday present finding mission". And of course I had to just pick up a couple things..

4 Rice Krispie cereal 4/$9, used $1 MQ - $0.25 each
3 Vaseline lotion $3, $1.50 MQ - FREE
4 Propel water $0.79 each, $0.50 MQ - FREE
1 Applesauce $2.49, $1 IP - $0.49
Lunch box $7.99
Shower curtain $7.99

I also used my $3 off any $3 purchase coupon and I am getting a $5 rebate by mail for the cereal. My total out of pocket was $15.59 which I again put on my gift card! I only have a few bucks left on the card, but anytime I don't have to pay is all good!

I am planning my Walgreen's trip for tomorrow. I have tons of register rewards to use, and I hear any $25 purchase will earn a $5 reward as well. I will post it after I finish!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Meal Plan Monday

Here's what is on tap for the week.

Saturday: lunch BLT's and veggies, dinner grilled chicken and corn on the cob for family, I ate at HS reunion

Sunday: lunch was grilled chicken/hot dogs, carrots and fruit, dinner was pizza and salad with family.

Monday: Pork chops and broccoli

Tuesday: Manwich in biscuit cups, salad

Wednesday: Chicken and rice with veggie ?beans?

Thursday: pizza

Friday: spaghetti and garlic bread. We need to carb-up for the triathlon!

The first Kmart Doubles!!! Nothing out of pocket.

Nothing out of pocket because I played the prescription game last week! I got $75 in gift cards to use! Of course I owed my sister $25 so I only have $50 to use, but I have enough left to go do doubles again this week if I want to.

I will break down the whole trip for you so you can get a feel for the coupons. Keep in mind the coupons doubled at face value or up to the total amount.

4 Vaseline lotion $3 each, used $1.50 MQ - FREE
1 Metamucil $10, $1 MQ
4 Skintimate shave gel $1.89, $1 MQ -FREE
4 Bic razors $3.49, $2 MQ -FREE
1 Arm and Hammer dryer sheets $3.25, $1 IP -$1.25
2 Arm and Hammer all purpose cleaner $1.49, $1 IP -FREE
2 Chinet plates $2.99, $2 MQ - FREE
2 Oust $3.50, $2/2 MQ plus BOGO MQ -FREE
3 Glade soy candles $2.99, MQ to try free -FREE
2 Cutter mosquito spray $5.39, $2 MQ
2 Rice Krispy bars $2.67, $1/2
4 Kelloggs cereal 4/$9, $1/2 MQ
1 Rice Krispie ceral $2.25, MQ to get free- FREE
2 Coffeemate creamer $3.50, $1 IP
4 Propel water $0.79, $0.50 MQ -FREE
3 Poptarts $2.50, $1/2 MQ

My original total was $128 and change, but after coupons it was $25.67! Over $100 in savings. Plus, I am submitting for the $10 Kellogg's rebate and I got a $3 off a $3 purchase at Kmart. Once those are factored in, It will be a net of $12.67 paid for today.

This trip was awesome. I really have to hand it to our cashier. She was so helpful and had such a great attitude. Even when the register locked and died right as I was going to pay. They had to reboot the computer and re-run my entire order and the coupons too! I think my sister and I were in line for about an hour! But we laughed and joked with the cashier. A good attitude is everything. My sister and I were remarking that we have never had a bad experience using coupons at Kmart. They are always so helpful and patient. I highly recommend shopping there.

Next up...Pierce's for the stockpiling

Here's my weekly grocery run. I spent way more money than I had planned, but was able to stock up big! I will list a few of my favorites....

5 3lb bags of chicken breasts $4.98 each
2 packs of chicken legs on markdown for $1.99, I had 2 $1 IP, so $0.99 each
4 Grands biscuits 2/$3, used $1/2 IP
4 Philly cream cheese 4/$5, used $1/2 MQ

My total out of pocket was $67.90 (my highest total in quite awhile, but still within my budget), and my coupon/ad savings was $43.91

Walgreen's goodies

Sorry everyone. I got a little behind in my blog entries due to a busy weekend. I had fun, but I still want to share my deals with you.

This is my Walgreen's run. My sister JC gave me a great birthday present....$15 in Register Rewards. I had a bunch of my own to spend so here is one trip and there will be another big one this week before they expire.

1 pair kids flip flops (not pictured) $0.74 on clearance
1 pair for me $1.25
1 bottle kid vitamins $6.99, $1 MQ and $2 WAGS Q from booklet in store
2 Gum Toothbrush BOGO $3.49 for both. Used 2 $1 MQ
1 Colgate Total toothpaste $2.99, $1 MQ plus earned $2.99 RR (money maker deal)
1 Box fan $6.49 on clearance
10 Kraft Velveeta shells/cheese $1 each, Used BOGO MQ and $1/4 WAGS Q from booklet
6 Easy Mac cups $1 ea, BOGO MQ and $1/4 WAGS Q

Plus I used $17 in Register Rewards. My out of pocket for the above was $4.16 and I earned $3 in Rewards. I still have $18 in rewards to use this week. Yippee, more free stuff!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Trade coupons anyone?

I've been trying to think all week how to approach this post. I know we all coupon and like to save money. But what can we do to reduce the waste of throwing away coupons?

Many of my work friends and I swap coupons and seek deals together. Coupons I wouldn't use, they want. This exchange works out great. I also swap with my mom and sisters.

Rachael (one of my followers) is wondering what she can do with the coupons she uses. We tried to problem solve this dilemma and here is what I came up with for now.

Once a week I will write a post about swapping coupons. Leave a comment on the post and let us know what coupons you are looking for along with a way to contact you. This could be via email or phone. It will be up to you to check in and click on comments at end of the post to see is anyone has something you want.

If you have any better suggestions for a way to facilitate exchanging coupons, let me know.

I'll start: I have an extra copy of the coupon inserts from the last two weeks up for grabs. If there is something in that you are looking for contained in those inserts, let me know. I am also always looking for coupons on the Quaker oatmeal bars that my hubby 'has' to have.

check out other frugal ideas on

Pierce's highlights

Here are the deals as I see them this week. As always, if you need to see the ad entirely, visit the Pierce's homepage here.

Page 1
Cantaloupe $1.48
Strawberries $1.88
General Mills cereal (only certain kinds) 5/$10, $1/3 MQ

Page 2
Sunchef Chicken breasts 3lb bag $4.98 (this is my stock up price. I've only seen it cheaper 1 time. )
Haddock or Cod fillets $5.99/lb, it's usually $8.99/lb
Pillsbury Grands Biscuits 2/$3, $1/2 IP or $0.30/2 MQ (did you know you can freeze these? I stock up when I can and free them)
Various butter spreads 2/$4, $0.50 MQ on Country Crock not sure about the others
Coffee mate $1.79, $1 IP coupon
Kraft Cream Cheese 4/$5, $1/2 MQ
New York Garlic Bread 2/$4, $0.40 MQ
Red Baron Pizza 3/$9.99, $1 MQ

Page 3
KC Masterpiece BBQ sauce 2/$5, $0.75 IP
Betty Crocker Cookie mix 4/$4.98, $0.40 MQ
Valuetime syrup $1.39
Skippy peanut butter 2$4, $0.75/2 MQ plus use ad coupon for $2 in free bread when you buy 2 peanut butters

Page 4
Dole salad bag $0.99
Broccoli $0.89/lb
Cucumbers 2/$1
Hellmann's Mayo 2/$7, $0.60 MQ and ad coupon for $2 free deli meat when you buy two. I don't think this is an especially good price, but if you are brand specific you may want to pick it up.
Earthbound organic mini carrots 2/$3, $1/2 MQ

That is it folks. Other than the chicken, I don't see alot of meat to stock up on this week.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Kmart prescription rolling

I am in the process of earning more gift cards for transferring prescriptions to Kmart. They have a promotion going on now that will net you up to $100 in gift cards.

Transfer up to 4 prescriptions to your local Kmart and receive $25 for each one before August 15th. There is a form that was in available in their ad several weeks ago, but I'll bet you can just ask them.

I already transferred 2 netting $50, and I have one more that is in process. That should give me another $25. Kmart doubles should be next week, so I am set to get some fabulous deals with little to no out of pocket! Hopefully I will have some left to get a little something for myself, or to start the Christmas shopping!

Coupons for yummy sausage

Remember the Farmland sausage that is on sale this week at Pierce's? Thanks to my mom for telling me, you can log into their website here and sign up and they will send you a whole bunch of coupons. I got some in the mail the other day, and they don't expire until 2011!

Go to the "promotions" tab to find the page to register.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

Saturday; lunch make your own sandwiches, supper was chicken/steak kabobs with sweetcorn and green beans.

Sunday: lunch refrigerator leftovers, supper out to eat for a treat!

Monday: Salads with Chicken, other veggies from garden

Tuesday: Fish sticks, fries, veggie

Wednesday: Pork chops, rice, veggie

Thursday: Pizza

Friday: Build your own taco

Enjoy, and have a great week everyone!!

Pig Points

Let me preface this entry by pointing out that this offer is NOT valid at the Piggly Wiggly in Poynette or Pardeeville. However, I do want to pass along the info.

Piggly Wiggly is running a promotion right now called "Pig Points". when you buy certain items listed on their website, you earn points for discounts on fuel.

Be sure to use your Piggly Wiggly preferred club card, and the information should be listed on your receipts, including which gas station will honor the discount. At the gas station you scan your club card and receive the discount.

Sounds like an easy way to save. I looked on the website for participating stores and the only area stores listed are Beaver Dam, Waunakee, Markesan and Cottage Grove. If you live near these areas, be sure to check it out!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Frugal success vs. failure

Something I haven't yet addressed on this blog is "buying" coupons from ebay. Did you know you could do that?

Ebay does allow sellers to 'sell' coupons. Actually, you are paying for their time to clip, sort and list their coupons because it is technically illegal to buy coupons.

Why would you buy coupons? I have done it a few times for either items we use regularly but has few coupons, and for items I can get free or nearly free because of a sale. For example, my husband uses Splenda in his coffee. There aren't many coupons for this out there, so last year I 'bought' coupons from ebay to get $1 off any size. I was able to pick up about a years worth at a very good price as a result.

Recently I read online that the Huggies pull-ups flushable wipes were changing their packaging and stores were trying to clean them off the shelves. The company also put out a high value coupon $3/2 to help stores make room for the new products. I went online and found I was able to 'buy' 10 of these coupons for $2.99. Take a look at what that money got me:

For all 20 packages of wipes, I paid $4.36 total out of pocket. Add in the price of the coupons from ebay (+ 2.99) and the total paid is $7.35. That makes each package of wipes to be $0.36!! These wipes are nearly identical to the Cottonelle wipes and are made by the same company. I never would have found as great a deal on these with my own coupons, plus I am set now for a whole year at least.

A word of caution, this method can also turn into a frugal failure. When I initially went online looking for this coupon, I saw what I thought was a correct listing and purchased it right away. Come to find out it was for diaper wipes, not the flushable kind. I was stuck with the purchase, but was able to give them to my sister to use. Be sure to check out the full listing before you commit to buy! Once you press the button, you are obligated to pay.

It is easiest to find coupons on ebay by searching for a specific item in the search box at the top. Manufacture coupon value can vary by the region of the country you live in, so often you can find different amounts than we get in the paper. I don't buy coupons often, but when I do I know I am maximizing my money!

Be sure to check out even more ideas at

Thursday, August 6, 2009

My Walgreen's coupon scenario

I stopped by yesterday with a plan of attack. I had all three kids with me, so I knew I needed to be organized. My plan was altered slightly due to an item being out of stock, but I quickly recovered. Here is what went down....

2 Cereal 2/$5, used $1/2 MQ
2 Nutrigrain bars 2/$5, Used $1/2 MQ
1 Cheeze its crackers $1
6 Skippy peanut butter $2each, used $0.75/2 MQ
2 Ragu $2, $1/2 IP
2 Poptarts $2, used $1/2 MQ
1 doz eggs $0.99

After coupons my total was $25.74, then I used the $5/$25 purchase. Then I paid $20.74 out of pocket and got the following register rewards:

$2 kelloggs cereal
$5 Kellogg's poptarts/nutrigrain
$10 Skippy and Ragu

Essentially, I got all the above food for a net of $3.74 which is an awesome deal. Now that Walgreen's decided to extend that deal, I may just go back again!

Walgreen's is on a roll.....

Walgreen's has put another coupon out for $5 off a $25 in store purchase which is good until August 8th. Click here for a copy of it.

Stay tuned for the deal I put through yesterday. I will get it up soon.

Keep in mind that your total must equal $25 after all coupons.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Kohl's sale

Kohl's is having their friends and family event this weekend. Share our Friends & Family Buy More, Save More discount via email!

Here's what I got from an email.....

Forward this email to your friends and family to let them know they can print the attached shopping pass and get the most for their money, Friday, August 7 – Sunday, August 9.

This pass will entitle them to save an extra 15% off OR, if they spend $100 or more, they can save 20% off on all regular, sale and clearance-priced merchandise during this weekend’s Biggest Sale of the Season with Night Owls and Early Birds. “The more I buy, the more I save. I love it!”

The attached is an electronic copy of the Friends and Family Shopping Pass. Simply open the attachment and print to enjoy the savings.

If you know someone that knows someone that works there, be sure to ask them for this link to the coupon. If you don't know someone, email me at and I will forward it to you.

Happy Shopping.

Pierce's highlights

As always, these are the deals as I see them. Be sure to browse the ad to check it out for yourself.

Premium seedless grapes $0.99/lb for red, green or black
Peaches or Nectarines $0.98/lb
Kemps flavored milk 10/$10 (remember you do not have to buy 10 for the deal)
Kemps sour cream 5/$5 ($1 is my target price for this)

Hormel pork spareribs or boneless ribs $1.78/lb
Oscar Mayer ham or turkey lunch meat 2/$5 (throw them in the freezer for school lunches)
Farmland sausage rolls or links $0.99 (love it. great for pizza or breakfast-stock up and freeze)
Goldn' Plump split chicken breast 2/$8 , use $1 MQ if you still have them to make this a better deal.
Crystal Farms Butter $1.68/lb
Bagels Forever 5/$5
Dean's twin pops popsicles 5/$5

Dole fruit cups 2/$4, this is the lowest price I ever see
Peter pan peanut butter, pair with the $0.50 IP from last week
Van Camps baked beans 5/$5 a low price
Manwich 5/$5, good price for this
Chef Boyardee 5/$5, pair with the $1 IP out there
Hunts Snack pack pudding 5/$5, $1/2 MQ or $1/4 IP
Act II popcorn 5/$5, pair with $0.40 MQ last weekend

Dole bagged lettuce 2/$3

Wow, it really does add up to be a decent week for stockpiling. Be sure to take advantage of the back to school sales. Buy the snacks and lunch meat now while it's on sale and save it for the fall!

Walgreen's bonus coupon

Just wanted to alert everyone about this deal. I will be trying my own scenario shortly, but here is one from my sister.

I studied it long and hard to get the most for my money without buying obscure products…rather things I will use.

8 Ragu
-used 4 $1/2 coupons IP

2 Nutrigrain Bars
-1 $1/2 coupon from paper

2 Keeblar Sandies
-I had 2 $1 off each IP

2 Jello
-Wags Coupon and .50/2 Manufacturer

2 Bounty (these are the nice and thick ones)
-Wags Coupon and (2) .25/1 Manufacturer

-1 GUM 2 pack toothbrushes

After all of this, give the $5 off a $25 purchase and your total will be $20.57!
In return, $18.50 worth of register rewards. NOT BAD.

Hope that helps.
The mysterious “JC”

Note: there is another scenario featured on, be sure to check it out!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Walmart resolution

I talked briefly about my Walmart experience last week. To recap....

I was attempting to make several purchases of which I had coupons for every item. The clerk rang it all up and proceeded to the coupons. The first one beeped and she handed it back and said "you didn't buy this". I reached over to lift it from the top of the bag she just finished packing and showed her it was right there. She told me since the register beeped she could not take it and handed it back.

More items, same story. One of the items were a Tide coupon which stated "$1 off any size Tide". She told me that I couldn't use that coupon since I didn't have the same size bottle that was pictured. I assured her that since the coupon read any size, it means any size. She called a manager over who agreed with her and said it had to be the size pictured. Clearly this is WRONG.

The manager got a little pissy with me as well and told me that she was in charge so if she said no, I could not use it. I told them that I have bought other items with that coupon in this same store and did not encounter this problem but the manager insisted that the previous cashier was in error.

Another coupon I tried to use was an internet printable from the Arm and Hammer website for a cleaning product. The clerk again called the manager over because my coupon 'didn't look right'. She stated the coupon looked copied and was fraudulent because there was nothing on the back. I explained that it is printed on a home printer so there wouldn't be anything on the back. They refused to also take that coupon.

I highly take offense of being accused of fraud when using coupons. I strive to be honest, truthful and to use coupons as they are meant to be used. Needless to say, I had flames shooting out of my head by the time I was leaving.

I made them give me back my coupons and take all the items off my bill. I also told them I would be calling their corporate office as I knew I was using my coupons correctly.

Fast forward to Saturday when I received a call back from Walmart corporate. The woman apologized and gave me a chance to explain my story. We reviewed what happened and she stated that they have a list of fraudulent internet coupons that the clerk should have consulted had they feared my was not legitimate. The final outcome is they are sending me a $10 gift card for my troubles and have apologized.

My reflections on the matter
1. When I approached this clerk initially, I got a pit in my stomach that she might give me a hard time and be difficult to work with but I was in a hurry. Next time I will follow my gut instinct and try to work with a clerk who will at least listen to me.

2. Will I shop there in the future? Good question. I hadn't had a difficult time using coupons at Walmart except that it is always busy, people are rude, etc. As it is, I don't shop there often as I am able to get better prices/deals at Pierce's by shopping their weekly sale ads. Plus, Target has such a wonderful coupon policy and I have not experienced any problems with a cashier ever. As of right now, I can't think of a single thing that Walmart has that I have to buy there. I am planning to shop Target once a month and Pierce's in between and that will probably work for my family at this time. So no, I don't plan on shopping there for now.

3. You should never accuse someone of doing something illegal if you aren't sure. Upon further review, thanks to my sister, I realized that the bar code numbers on the internet coupons were different (as they are when you print them from the internet) and I should have pointed that out to them at the time to prove they weren't copies.

4. Customer service still matters. People talk about their experiences, and make decisions on how to spend their money and where.

5. It is my money and I don't have to spend it at Walmart where I am not appreciated.

6. I went to a different Walmart that same day and bought the items in question without a problem, it wasn't the coupon, it was the individual.

Sorry to go on so long but I was really affected by this experience. I'm glad it is over as I spent too much time talking about it. Time to move on.

Menu Plan Monday

Here we go again, another week in front of us. I am very thankful for the beautiful weekend we had. We got to enjoy some much needed time outside!

Saturday: lunch make your own subs, fruit. supper was hot dogs and mac n' cheese

Sunday: lunch chicken or hot dogs, cowboy beans and fresh cucumbers. dinner was french toast and fruit.

Monday: leftover chicken, rice and veggies

Tuesday: Sandwiches, fruit and chips

Wednesday: Pork chops in the crockpot, french fries?

Thursday: pizza

Friday: spaghetti

I will try to stick to this meal plan, but often things come up and I change my mind. Of course that is the beauty of having a large stockpile, I usually have all the ingredients!