Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Crafting supplies to us, school supplies to others

The first stop above was Kmart. The glue bottles and glue stick packs were 5/$1, the pens were $0.99 each (I had 2 $1 off coupons), and the white out pen was $0.99 (0.50 coupon). Total spent here on this trip with tax was $2.74. We go through a lot of this stuff because the kids are always wanting to do art projects. Now is stock up time!

The is my Walgreen's trip for the week. The Kleenex was $0.89 each ( $0.50/3 coupon), Pilot pens $1 (free after getting $1 register reward), Goldfish crackers $1 ($1 MQ), and scotch tape was $0.39 each (I bought 21 because I had 7 MQ for $1/3 making them $0.17 for 3 rolls!).
My total out of pocket was $5.00. I got a $1 register reward for my next purchase as well. My coupon/ad savings was $31.49!

If your kids like to do any art projects or have school supply needs, now is when you need to be watching the ads. Yes, I had to go to 2 different stores, but in Portage they are very close together and I was able to go while hubby had the kids~ bonus! Unfortunately, the kids saw all the tape. We can easily go through about a roll a day if they know it's in the house.

Why do kids want to tape everything???

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  1. I don't mine have been working on a roll that last few days of taping everything. lol