Thursday, April 29, 2010

Kmart Pepsi products

A big thank you to the reader who realized that the Pepsi products are cheaper at Kmart right now instead of Pierces.

Kmart: 12 packs are 4/$10.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Pierce's Highlights for the Week

A new week is upon us and the new ad is here. As always, these are the deals according to Kendra. Check out the ad in store or online for yourself.

Page one
Whole watermelon $4.48
Ground Chuck $1.98/lb
Pineapple $2.48
Kemps sour cream $0.88
Green giant steamers $1
Bush's Grillin beans $1.50, use $1/2 MQ

Page two
Jack's original pizza $2.50
Old Orchard concentrated juice $1, use $1/4 MQ

Page three
There are 2 in store coupons on this page, free Ritz when you buy 2 Kraft cheese (there was a IP today on that) and to get Pepsi cases 2/$14

Page four
McCormick seasoning packet $0.49, use $0.50 MQ to get free
Sargento shredded cheese $1.50, use $0.50/2 MQ
Avocados $0.98
Shurfine salsa $1
Old Dutch tortilla chips $2

Page five
Koolaid bursts $1
Toast 'em pop-ups $1

Page six
Brocolli $0.78/lb
Cucumbers 2/$0.98
Roma Tomatoes $0.98/lb

As you can see, it is only a fair week at the store. I am looking forward to getting my own garden up and going so I will have a lot more fresh produce on hand.

Have a good week everyone.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Walgreen's Warning

After a quick run to Walgreen's yesterday I want to give everyone a warning...

Do not use the $3 Register Reward that you may have from purchasing the Schick Hydo shaving cream (was free after reward two weeks ago) to buy the Skintimate shave gel that is free this week.

They are made by the same company (despite the fact that the Skintimate does not say "Schick" anywhere on it) and the register will not print the new reward for the Skintimate.

I tried to do this and the manager had to void and re-run the transaction so I could get the reward.

Learn from my blunder!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

A Reader Success Story at Walgreens

Thanks to Vicki for letting me in on her shopping trip- you rocked the deals for sure. And to everyone else, feel free to share your success stories anytime by emailing me and I will feature it here!

Hey there, I just thought I’d reply to all those times your blog says, “How’d you do at Walgreens this week?” even though you didn’t ask this week:)

I shouldn’t really be so excited about my trip to WAGS today since I didn’t use or receive any RR and my out of pocket was still 10 bucks but still…it was a messy coupon scenario so I wasn’t positive it would work how i thought it would but it even turned out better than I’d hoped.

I had planned to go to Pardeeville to Piggly Wiggly since they’re milk and qualifying Nabisco cookies are on sale for $1.99 each but couldn’t justify the trip with so few other good deals there this week…glad I went to Walgreens instead cause it ended up not being $.70 more than the Pig, instead it was $.40 less! $3.68 for a gallon of milk and 2 full size pkgs of oreos!

I’m not sure if it’s a system glitch or what but their monthly coupon book coupon says $1 off wyb Nabisco cookies and a gallon of milk. I got two cookies cause the second was free with a different coupon I had. But the Walgreens coupon took off $2 even though I only got one milk…a nice surprise!


1 gallon milk $2.69

2 pkg oreos $3.99ea
2 kelloggs cereal $1.99ea
4 3pk scotch brite sponges $3.99ea(i'm pretty single pks would be free at walmart but we go thru lots so its worth it to have 1 for a buck)

1 gallon distilled water for a filler item $1.19

pre coupon total = 31.80


Wags Q: $1off wyb oreo & 1gallon milk (two oreos purch so it took off $2)

Wags Q: BOGO scotchbrite sponges

Wags Q: 1 gallon distilled water = $.79 so $.40off

$1 off 2 pkg oreos

$1.50 off 2 kelloggs cereal
$1off 1scotch brite sponge (used 4)

$1 off milk wyb 1 kelloggs cereal
Buy 1 gallon milk & 1 pkg oreo get 1 pkg oreo free

($21.87 in coupons)

after coupon total = $9.93

Also, i don’t usually look this close but was pleasantly surprised to see that sales tax is charged on the after coupon total not before like I would’ve guessed.

like william shatner says on his cheesy priceline commercials, i love to speak the language of the deal:)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Pierce's Highlights of the Week

Another week is upon us and here is a review of the newest ad. Be sure to check it out for yourself in person or online as I only highlight what I feel are the best deals.

Page one
Seedless grapes $1.28/lb- was cheaper last week, but grapes are good
Cantaloupe $1.98
Pepsi 2L products $1, found a hangtag coupon recently in WAGS for $1/4
Shurfine baked beans $1, a pretty good price
Shurfine Lasagna noodles $1 (now I'm craving lasagna!)

Page two
Hormel pork loin steaks or roast $1.48/lb
Gold n' Plump thighs or drumsticks $2, use $0.75 IP from
Kemps sour cream 16 oz $1
Shurfine frozen veggies $0.88

Page three
Shurfine Mac 'n cheese $0.40

Page four
Dole Iceberg salad $1.18
Green beans $0.98/lb
Cut seedless watermelon $0.58
Earthbound farms Romaine hearts $1.98
Skippy peanut butter only $1.38 after in-ad coupon, check for any MQ

That is all folks. Have a great week as usual!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My Frugal Failure

I'm going to fess up to you all. Even experienced couponers have an off day.

I went to Walgreens today to get a couple things. Everything was rung up and I realized I had forgotten my Register Rewards and cash!

Normally, I am ok with telling them to void the transaction, but of course I had one item that I really needed. I went ahead with the purchase- breaking my self-imposed rule and put it on the check card. (oh, the horror!)

Now of course I have to go back again this week since the rewards are expiring in a couple days!

I am sharing this to show you that no one is perfect in this couponing world. Don't be so hard on yourself and learn from your mistakes. There is always tomorrow!

(To make matters worse, I dropped off the videos after Walgreen's only to realize that I forgot to grab the one in the DVD player. So much for combining errands to save gas today:( )

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Kwik Trip Bread

I noticed at Kwik Trip today that the 1 # loaf of white bread is only $0.59!!

All other specialty bread  and buns are only $0.79.

Looks like a good time to stock up and freeze the bread!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Diaper Deal

I have a pretty good diaper deal that I found in a magazine and thought I would share.

If you order $49 of diapers at, you can enter code PARENTSAPR10 to get $10 off and free shipping as well.

Something else I have learned about is that you can send in your manufacture coupons via the mail to them which they will enter on your account. Click on coupons on the left sidebar for all the details. That way, you can maximize the use of coupons and get a great diaper deal as well.

Shipped right to your door is a good thing!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Pierce's Highlights

Here are the deals I see for this week. My household is finally back up and running. Be sure to check out the deals for yourself in person or online.

Page one
Old Orchard apple Juice $1.48, use $0.50 IP
In Store coupon for $2 off when you buy 4 Kellogg's cereal (check prices and coupons)
Raspberries or Blackberries $2.50 each
Hormel county spareribs $0.98/lb- a good stockup price

There are a couple of 10/$10 deals (note: you do not have to buy 10- buy any quantity you want)

Page two
Oscar Mayer lunchables $1.33 each. There have been several coupons on the web
Shurfresh bonless/skinless chicken breast fillets $3.98 for 2.5lb bag
Sunny D juice $1
Large eggs $0.98
Flour tortilla $1.25
Old Orchard OJ concentrate $0.98, $1/4 MQ

Page three
Surefine salsa $0.98
Peter Pan peanut butter $1.68, use $1/2 MQ
Koolaid drink mix 8/$1
Ken's dressing $1.88, use $1 MQ
Shurfine pasta $0.88
shurefine pancake mix $1.50
Lay's potato chips $2.50

Page four
Cauliflower $0.98/lb
dole bagged spinach $1.98
Russet potatoes $0.98 for 5#
Kiwi fruit 3/$0.99

That is all I see for now folks. have a great week.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

It happened again...

Bear with me folks, but I am down for the count yet again. Strep throat has entered our house for the THIRD time this year and it got me. I am taking it easy, resting and trying to recouperate. Forgive me, but the blog is going to slide this week.

I hope you are enjoying some Kmart doubling and other coupon finds.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

My Kmart trip, I'll probably do another trip!

First off, a little birdie told me that she was able to do more than one transaction on her card. I tried it and was able to do two transactions today. However, the register will NOT allow you to double more than 5 coupons in a transaction. It will only double the first 5 coupons you hand over, so be sure to plan accordingly.

Here is what I did, with final cost too...

Transaction #1:

2 Tampax pearl $4.49, used $2 MQ- $0.49 net each
1 Ziplock container $2.50, used $1- net $0.50
1 Kellogg fruit snack $2, used $1 IP- net free

Transaction #2

1 Selsun shampoo $6.79, used $1 MQ- net $4.79
1 Tampax pearl $4.49, used $2 MQ- net $0.49
3 Ziplock sandwich bags $2.50, used $1/2 mQ- net $3 for 2 boxes (note: these were mismarked on the shelf but they gave it to me for that price), plus has coupon to get one box free when you buy 2 (not doubled)
1 Kelloggs fruit snacks $2, used $1 IP- net free
2 Poptarts $2, used $1/2 IP- net $1 per box

On another note, they have a bunch of winter clothes clearance that you should check out. I got brand new snowpants for $5.99! Super cheap!

A Reader's Kmart success

I've been following your blog for about 3 months now and thought I would share that I did stop at Kmart today!

My transaction consisted of:

3 Gillette Men's Bodywash 2/$8 = $12
4 Ziplock Containers 2/$5 = $10
5 Dove Deoderants $3.79 ea = $18.95

Q's used in the order I used them

3 $2 Off Gillette Mens Bodywash Doubled $12 Making Gillette Free
2 $1.50 Ziplock containers Doubled $6 Making containers $1 ea. package
5 $2 Dove IP Q's Not doubled = $10

Total OOP was $15.79 plus I got a $5 off your next order, $5 off $25 H&B purchase, $5 off $50 consumables or H & B purchase.

Taking in consideration I have plans to use the $5 OYO and the $5 off $25 to lower OOP on my next trip(s) I feel like this trip ended up costing me $5.79 All in all I feel it was worth the trip!!!!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Kmart Doubles Update

Kmart doubles start tomorrow. Despite the fact that it is not anywhere on their ad that I could find, the Portage store is participating. But there are a few rules.....
  1. Dates are 4/4/10-4/10/10
  2. Coupons value up to $2 will be doubled
  3. Doubling coupons will only happen when you use your rewards card (can sign up in store)
  4. Kmart coupons will not double
  5. There is a limit of 5 coupons per customer per day (I guess they will track due to the rewards card)
  6. Only the first 5 coupons presented will be doubled.
I'm not sure if it will be worth my while to go, I'm still undecided. Only 5 coupons puts quite a limit on it, and multiple transactions are now out of the equation.

Will it be worth your time?

If anyone does go and finds any great deals, email me so I can share. Good luck.

Pierce's Update, Walmart Price Matching

Today I learned some great news at Pierce's! You now get a 5 point credit to your rewards point total when you bring your own bags! If you use cloth bags regularly, be sure they give you the credit!

Also~ Walmart will price match ads which we know. But thanks to reader Stephanie (which I did confirm by trying it) you should know they will also price Target in addition to Pierce's and Piggly Wiggly! Be sure to take the ad with you so they can verify it and separate those items as well. Wow, I guess I may get into Walmart more often now.