Thursday, July 30, 2009

Pierce's highlights

Here it is, finally! The weekly Pierce's ad post. As always, these are the deals as I see them, be sure to check the ad yourself to find the sales that work for your family.

Fresh Cantaloupe $1.58 - this is a pretty average price in the summer
Blueberries $1.38 for a pint- I will probably freeze some at this price
Jif peanut butter $1.88
Smuckers jelly $1.48
Oreos 2/$5, use $1/2 from tearpad in store
Kemps milk 2/$4

***There is a coupon on the front page of the ad that reads "Save $2 on milk when you buy 2 packs of oreos. So buy 1 milk and 2 oreos (use $1 MQ) and get all three for $4!!

Gold'n Plump drumsticks or thighs family pack $4.99
Velveeta cheese 32 oz, $1 off- combine with "buy two get $3 in free pasta" MQ from awhile back

Pasta roni/Rice a roni 4/$5, use $1/3 IP or MQ
Dole crist Lettuce head $0.99
Santa Cruz organic lemonade 2/$4 , use $0.75 IP

That is all folks, have a great week!

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