Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A TP run to Walmart

I heard there were some TP deals to be had at Walmart, so off I went. I will highlight my sale and coupon items.

Scott Extra Soft tissue %5.23, $1 MQ from mailer

Soy milk $2.73, $2 IP

Chef boyardee cans $0.88, $1 IP (yes, I made money on it)

Ziploc bags $2, $1.50/2 IP

Clearance sponge $1.50, $1 MQ

Scott wipes $2.24, $0.50 MQ

Charmen TP $3.36, $1 MQ from mailer

Scott tissue $2.68, $1 MQ

Angel soft tissue $1, $0.50 IP

So you can see that I was able to get quite a bit with my coupons, and we are set for quite awhile. My out of pocket was $53.86, but I got several other items for the house such as a storage tote and training wheels for one of the kids bikes. I used $14 in coupons on this order!

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