Friday, November 5, 2010

A change in how I do things

Well, I guess by now everyone has figured out that I haven't been blogging very much- or not at all. We all have busy and stressful lives and I am no exception.

For some reason this school year has been challenging to me. It is taking me more time to get everyone organized, lunches made, dinner done, homework done and then it's on to the house. My house is chaotic now, and it is overflowing into how I feel.

NOT CALM. The chaos has led to me feeling very stressed. My health has once again been affected and I got strep throat again last week.

So I have decided to call it quits on this blog. I just end up feeling guilty for neglecting it which stresses me out even more.

But I can't leave the deals all together! So I started a fan page on facebook that is much easier to post on and will use that to highlight any local deals. You can "like" the page and then any updates I make will be listed on your news feed. I thought this might be easier all together since it seems everyone is on facebook. Here is the link: it is "Kendra's coupon deals around Portage".

Thanks to everyone who has followed this blog and encouraged me along the way. Feel free to leave the details of any deals you find on the "wall" of my page on facebook!