Thursday, July 9, 2009

Abbreviation roundup

I have had more questions about the abbreviation I use so I want to post my prior link here. The link will list the ones I use and explain what they mean.


  1. Hi Kendra~
    I was sent the link to your site by a friend, and have been wanting to do this off and on for quite some time. My question to you, how long did it take you before you were able to get your weekly budget down to $70 a week? If I understand this correctly, you don't just decide one day to start couponing, and then save that much, it's a build-up, correct? (trying to remind myself to be patient here ;o)

  2. It definitely took me awhile to build up to a $70 per week budget, I'd say a month at least. Just start clipping the coupons and using them when it goes on sale and before you know it, you will have a ton of coupons and be saving money while also building a stockpile!

  3. Thanks for the meanings of the abbreviations. These are two that I found on another site last week. It was used in conjunction with which browser you need to print certain coupons. IE for Internet Explorer and FF for Mozilla Firefox. I had a problem printing some coupons. I normally use Firefox. It turns out, they will only print if you are using a specified browser. I had to log out of Firefox and change to Explorer. It worked. Just took a little more time to make the switch.