Monday, July 20, 2009

Grocery deals at Pierce's and Walmart

So, I made a couple shopping trips this week, and I've got more to go. The picture above is from Pierce's, many of which are the deals I previously posted. I used coupons on the following:

Pop tarts 0.55 MQ
Hunt's Ketchup MQ to get free
David's sunflower seeds $1/2
Fisher sunflower seeds $1
Store coupon for produce 0.25

My total out of pocket for this trip was $26.03, with a coupon/ad savings of $19.58.

This is my trip to Walmart. Before you say anything, I already know I have a ton of Koolaid (and I do mean a ton), but I found another coupon for free sugar with 10 koolaid, and a coupon to get 2 additional packets free when you buy 10 so I had to! I will list the coupons below.

2 Juicy juice $2.38 each, $1/2 IP
6 Starkist tuna pouches $0.93 each, $1.50/3 MQ
2 Bumblebee chicken salad 0.98, $1/2 IP
2 Bumblebee tuna salad 0.98, $1/2 IP
Tide single load 0.97, $1 MQ
2 bags chocolate chips $2.68 each, 0.758/2 IP
12 Koolaid 0.20 each, MQ buy 10, get 2 free
Soy milk $2.73, $2 IP
2 Eggo Swirls $1.94, $1 IP
2 C & H sugar $0.94 each, $2 off when you buy 10 koolaid
Oreo cakester $2, $1 MQ

My before total was $33.48, but after coupons the final out of pocket was $18.52! If you are keeping track the total from the two trips was $44.55 so far for the week! I am making a run to Piggly Wiggly and Target on Tuesday as I have budget wiggle room to pick up some freebies there. I am looking forward to the deals. Piggly Wiggly especially, Tuesday is the last day for their 11 for 10 deal they have going on!

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