Sunday, July 26, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

I haven't done my grocery shopping yet for the week, but based on our stockpile, we will still be able to have our normal week of meals. I will be doing my normal weekend shopping trip on Monday afternoon instead.

Based on the spending limits set for the All You Grocery Challenge I am participating in, I was too close to do my shopping on our normal day. The challenge allots our family $125 per week which is well above our budget of $70. However, we ordered pizza one night in a pinch and restaurant purchases count!

Saturday: Lunch Taco salads, Supper popcorn and Popsicles (no joke, that's what we had, no one was very hungry)

Sunday: lunch was cookout with green beans and baked beans, (we grilled up pork, beef, chicken and hot dogs for the week) supper was chicken fried rice with onion and pea pods from the garden.

Monday: Chicken, salad, some kind of veggie

Tuesday: pork chops or beef ribs, with veggies

Wednesday: take your pick of leftovers from the cookout, fruit (I am going out to dinner with a friend)

Thursday: pizza

Friday: Manwich on buns with cheese, french fries.

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