Friday, July 3, 2009

Announcing Kmart doubles

It is official in case you didn't get the ad yet. Kmart in Portage is starting double coupon week on Sunday. Here's the details. You can only use one coupon per item. Coupons up to a $2 value will double. A maximum of 10 doubled coupons per person per day, and you may only buy 4 of a like item. Your before coupon total must also be at least $25.

That said, often does a coupon match up for Kmart so you can check there for deal ideas. That is my main source for Kmart. A word of warning though, she lives in South Carolina so the prices at her Kmart may be different. Use your best judgement!

Happy shopping. See you there!


  1. I called my local store...they won't match ads, no internet coupons, and no expired coupons...she said expired coupons are "no good" and I stated "that's not true"....she stumbled and then stated the computer won't take them....I'm going to try to sneak one by to see if it's true or not! I use expired coupons at Wal-Mart and my local grocery store (also said it's a no go) all the time! Hee Hee Hee
    Tanya S

  2. I went to KMart today and my original total was $44 after coupons $14. I got 4 Degree deodorants, 3 Axe body wash, 1 Axe scrubbie, Huggies baby wipes, Pedia Sure, and Band aid wound cleaner (no coupon, but I needed it). I received a $5 off next H&B purchase of $25, a $3 Coupon for next purchase of $3 or more, and I will send the Pedia Sure in for a rebate $9.99, so actually OOP not much at all. I love the double coupon shopping. It's a great way for me to stock up on things.