Sunday, July 12, 2009

Don't forget the 3 day sales at Pierce's

I always seem to forget about the Pierce's 3 day sales lately. The sale items are not a part of their regular ad, but they do post it on their website on Thursdays or Fridays. You can click here to go right to that page. The sale is good until Monday July 13th. I have signed up for the email updates, and therefore they will send it right to me via email so I don't forget!
  • 4 Bic Comfort 3 shavers $2 (from regular sale ad), $2 MQ = free
  • 7 CountryTime lemonade mixes $1.50 each (a good price on its own), I had $1 MQ for each = 0.50 each
  • 2 Surefine syrup 2/$3
  • 2 Pizza crust mix $0.85
  • 1 can Pizza sauce $1.33

All told I spent $10.55 out of pocket, with a coupon/ad savings of $40.65. I have been waiting for a good sale on those CountryTime ever since I found those $1 coupons. Had I used those coupons right away, I could have easily spent a lot more as they are often $2 to $3.50 each without a sale. As a bonus, even the raspberry and strawberry flavors were on sale!

On my main Pierce's shopping trip for the week, I stayed mostly to buying from the ad. I didn't take a picture of it as I had a sick child to tend to as soon as I got home. But I spent $49.06 out of pocket during that trip with a coupon/ad savings of $58.21. Happily $17.90 of that was just in coupons!

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