Thursday, July 30, 2009

Pierce's ad review and Walmart issues

I am working on the Pierce's ad this evening and I hope to get it up on Thursday midday. Thanks for your patience. Also wanted to let you know that I had a horrible experience with a clerk at Walmart today that accused me of coupon fraud. I will be writing about this experience soon, once I get resolution on it. The call has been made to their corporate headquarters and I hope to hear back from them in a day or two. I will keep you posted.

Have a great day!


  1. Best wishes on the Walmart problem. I had a buy one product get another type of product free coupon a few weeks ago. I realized later they gave me credit for the wrong product. It cost me about 50 cents. Not a huge loss, but I explained the coupon to the clerk before she checked anything out. I had the products and coupon together and I explained it to her and she still got it wrong.

    A few years ago Walmart lost a very large account from me ($11,000 a year) and almost my regular shopping business because of a not so nice customer service clerk. I was returning a video game after Christmas that wasn't opened. It had about a 1/4 inch slit in the cellophane. Probably from someone opening the box it came in. The clerk saw it and took her thumbnail, picked it open more then ran her nail down the cellophane right in front of me and my kids. Cellophane as you know rips easy once there is a tear. She ripped the package wide open, then accused me of opening the package at home, copying the disk and returning it. She then told me I couldn't return it. I was fuming, so were my kids! I asked to talk to a manager. She called over a supervisor who then said, yes, we can't take it opened. I told her she just ripped it open right in front of me. Sorry, we can't take it.

    The same customer service clerk, before the video game incident, accused me after I brought back some sandals that the toe strap broke on after a week of wear, that we had bought them from the year before and that I was horrible for trying to bring back something so old. She made a big scene in front of several customers. I had lost the receipt, but it was early spring and it was that year's stock. I told her to call the shoe department, that I wanted to talk to them. The shoe department came to the desk and told her that, yes, this sandal was new and they had only had it on the shelf for a week or two. She then let me exchange the sandals. I guess this woman had it out for me for some reason.

    Anyways, I called the corporate office after she ripped the cellophane. I told them exactly why I was pulling my large account from their business and the name of the offending employee. I received a call back shortly from a very apologetic manager at the store and they took the game back. I told her too about the account that I was removing from the store and that it was because of this employee. I told them another company was very pleased to get my business. I am with them to this day. The customer service person still works at the store and she has been nice to me ever since. I'm guessing her job was in jeopardy after that one.

    Hang tight and hold your ground!

  2. Jean, what a horrible experience you described! I am on the brink of boycotting Walmart forever. At this point, I would rather drive to Target a couple times a month and be treated wonderfully than stay local. Although kmart has been nice to me as well, but they don't carry much in way of food.

    I am holding my ground.