Saturday, July 11, 2009

Last and final trip for Kmart doubles

Well, I thought I had been done at Kmart, but then I heard about the clearance toys. It turns out I was able to find a few things. It's true that you do need to scour the aisles to find them. I got a jump start on birthday gifts since about 80-90% of my extended family has birthdays in August or after. Christmas really creeps up after all those birthdays!
  • Matchbox Space shuttle original price $42.99, clearance $10.50 (Santa seriously had one of these in 'his' cart last Christmas but decided to put it back, I was so glad to find it on sale!)
  • Boggle game original $14.99, paid $5.50
  • Operation Hulk original $19.99, paid $7.50
  • Princess checkers originally $6.99, paid $1.75
  • Paint kit (not on sale) $5.99
  • Reach toothbrushes $2.75, used $2 IP
  • 2 Sunny Delight drink $1.39, used $0.55 IP

I was able to use the $5 off a $20 toy purchase coupon, and I also used my $10 off a $10 purchase coupon I got earlier in the week. After that, my out of pocket total was $16.60 for all of the above. Which is pretty cool.

I am so glad I went back for the toys. The regular price of the toys alone was $84.96 which I would have paid last year at this time before I started couponing. I am so thankful that I started using the coupons and have been able to use my finances in a better way!

I hope everyone enjoyed a productive week at Kmart during their doubles event. I hope they do it again soon. I think once a month would be great!


  1. I went to KMart for a 2nd trip as well yesterday! Clearance toys for gifts and "thata girl, Heidi" gifts. I also got a Hasbro game that was $25 and got it for $6. We played it this am and had a blast :) Also got some clearanced arts and crafts for Heidi for $1.50 each! I also took part in some double coupons before they are done. I am stocked nicely on a few items already
    Tanya S

  2. I picked up a couple of the calerence toys at K-Mart, enjoyed getting them all 50% off. Had coupons for playtex handsavor gloves $1.69 per pair, had coupon for $1 off, with the double coupon I got 4 pairs of gloves for free. My great buy for the week!!