Friday, July 30, 2010

Some Amazing Target Deals

I had a chance to run to Target without kids so I spent a couple days planning and I think I did a pretty good run.

The pictures above are of the same stuff, but different angles to fit it all in.

There were a few items that I bought that we needed and didn't have coupons for. Including those items (in the picture) I spent a total of $63.38 and saved $136.61!

I will highlight a couple of the notable items:

Olay soap
Chefboyardee cups
hair spray
Always pantyliner
Wonka chocolate bars
bic pens/pencils
Crystal Light

Other finds include:
Aquafresh toothpaste was $0.37 after coupons
Bagel Bites $0.24 after coupons
Synders pretzels $0.24-$0.59 after coupons
Wheat thins $1
Ritz crackerfuls $1
Kashi bars $0.88
Nature Valley bars $0.39
Ortega taco shells $0.50
Juicy Juice boxes $0.88

I also stocked up on some more school supplies that were on sale for my crafting kids. Luckily right now their school supplies are covered by a grant for the school, so I buy them up for our own use!

I think I did a pretty good job. I got quite a few items for packing lunches which will start before we know it!

Have you gotten any good deals lately?

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Pierce's Highlights for the week

Time for another match-up already.

Page one
Ground beef $1..78/lb
seedless grapes $0.98/lb
Kemps 1/2 gallon milk $1
Pillsbury cinnamon rolls $1 each, use $1/2 IP
Skippy peanut butter $0.98 with ad coupon, limit one

Page two
Farmland bacon $2.98
Shurfresh string cheese $2.98
Kemps singles ice cream $0.80 each, use $1/3 MQ
Old Orchard concentrate lemonade $0.78

Page three
Hershey chocolate bars $2.50
Honey Maid grahams $2.50
Jet puffed marshmallows $0.98-----use $1 MQ when you buy Hershey, grahams and marshmallows
Smucker's grape jelly $1.88
Quaker granola bars $2
Koolaid $0.12, buy 10 plus 4# sugar and use $2 MQ on both
Crystal Light $2, use $2 MQ from vocalpoint last month
Shurfine applesauce $1.25

Page four
Bartlett Pears $0.98/lb
Earthbound farms organic salad $2.88, use $1/2 IP
Cabbage $0.28/lb

Those are the deals according to me. Happy shopping!

Malt-o-Meal cereal deal

Kwik Trip has several coupons on the racks in their store. Next time you stop for gas take a peak!

One coupon I recently got there was for $0.50 off any Malt-O-Meal cereal.

The Cinnamon Toasters are currently on sale at Walmart for only $1! Use that coupon to stock up. That is the only flavor of cereal at that price right now.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Free backpacks from Staples!

Starting Sunday in the new ad, Staples will have backpacks that are free after rebate! Here are the details from their website....

"Buy ANY backpack and get 100% back in a Staples gift card"
The fine print does limit you to one per household.

What a deal! Just in time for school shopping. Offer is good from 7/25-7/31.
While at the website, be sure to check for coupons towards your total purchase!
 One of the coupons is for $5 off a $25 purchase. Use this coupon to really score on the backpack!

Email me at if you can't find a copy of the coupons. I received them in a direct email from Staples and I can forward them to you!

And a thank you to Vickie as well!

Kmart doubles

Starting Sunday, Kmart will be doubling coupons up to $0.99. The rules are similar to last time; only the first 5 coupons will be doubled and you must scan your rewards card first.

I'm not too excited about this one. Does anyone even have any $0.99 coupons? The best I can do is a $0.75 one. I guess I will probably skip it.

Please let me know if you go and find any deals so I can share with everyone.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Pierce's Highlights of the week

Here are the highlights for this week of the deals as I see it. There isn't much to go on, a pretty slim week in my opinion. Check out the ad for yourself.

Page one
Pepsi 2 liter $1
Frozen chicken breasts $4.88/3lb
Cantaloupe $1.50
Doritos chips $1.98
Shurfresh ice cream $0.98 with ad coupon (has anyone tried it?)

Page two
Hormel pork butt steaks or roast $1.58/lb
8th Continent soy mild $2.50, use $1.50 IP
Popsicle pops $2.88

Page three
* ad coupon for $5 off when you buy any 10 General Mills products in the same shopping trip. Let me know if you can work out any coupon scenarios to make these cheap. I haven't figured any out yet.
Jif peanut butter $1.98
Barilla pasta or Hunts spaghetti sauce $0.98
* ad coupon for $2 off with buying: charcoal, hidden valley dressing and KC masterpiece. Check maufacture websites to see if there are coupons for these items- could work out into a deal.

Page four
dole lettuce $0.98
Braeburn apples $0.98/lb
Organic raspberries $2.50

Have a great week everyone. Go get the deals.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sometimes you actually DO get these samples!

I have seen these offer numerous times on the blogs:
"Get an (box of samples) from SC Johnson and Right@Home"
It's always limited to the first 5000 people to enter and it can take 6-8 weeks to come in the mail. 
Oh yeah, and you don't know if you were one of the first 5000 until it comes to your door. 
They don't give any kind of response to let you know. 

Well, I must have been one of the first 5000 at some point because the above arrived at my door yesterday!!! 

Happy Dance, Happy Dance

Yes folks, those are a regular box of Ziploc, a 6 pack of the toilet cleaner and
a big pack of Pledge wipes!!

Pretty good freebie if you ask me. I guess I will keep signing up for these things!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Kmart Christmas card, Toy Clearance and school supply shopping

Stopped by Kmart today as I heard they are having their toy clearance. The clearance toys are an additional 50% off the ticketed price. The selection is still pretty good and I was able to pick up a few things for my boys.

Additionally I found out about a program Kmart started last year and is going on now. It is similar to having a Christmas Club account at a bank, except with a gift card!

Just start a new card (available at the registers) with at least $20 and add money to the value anytime you wish. On November 15th, Kmart will credit your card with an additional 3% of the value up to $100. The cards should be credited by November 28th. The card doesn't expire, so you can use it for Christmas or anytime! This is a great way to save money for holiday shopping, or even getting school clothes for the kids. Check with the store if you have any questions.

Now is also the season for school supply shopping. Keep your eyes peeled for the deals at each place. Staples, Kmart, Walmart and Walgreens have all had good deals. Remember to price match- just ask the store. I have been able to price match at all except Staples- but check with them too!

If you participate in Operation Christmas Child by filling shoe boxes, school supplies are a hot item. Pick them up now for pennies! Or if you have crafty kids like I do, this is when I try to replenish stock!!

Walgreens deals I nabbed this week

I'm back in the saddle baby!

Here is what I got this week at Walgreens:
  • 5 Goldfish crackers $0.99- had a raincheck from last week when they were on sale. I had (3) $0.50 IP and (2) $0.35 IP
  • 4 Bic Highlighters $0.49 each, used 2 $1/2 MQ = free
  • Colgate total $3.49, used $1 MQ and got $3.50 RR = makes it better than FREE
  • 2 paper plates $0.99 with ad coupon
  • 2 Head & Shoulders $4 each, used BOGO MQ and got $1 RR = $1.50 each after coupon and rewards
  • 1 Mountain Dew 4 pack $1.29
  • 1 Pilot pens $1.19, use $1 Q in July coupon booklet

After coupons I paid $13.64 for all of the above. I SAVED $25.80 and I got $4.50 in register rewards to use next week.

Monday, July 19, 2010

An Ode to bathrooms...or why I have been absent and partially crazy

No, but seriously I need to document my saga in pictures. Feel free to skip this post if you aren't interested.

This is ground zero in the first photo. We took out the vinyl flooring (note the various layers) and were ripping up a layer of plywood. My eldest doesn't understand the subtleties of the bunny ears yet.

Oh, here my husband is wearing a 'strained' look of excitement. We both wore this look for the last several weeks!

Here is my youngest in his construction 'get-up', complete with eye, ear and mouth protection.

This is the bathroom after the texture and paint was done. This was very exciting to me!

At this point you are probably asking yourself "Where did they store the toilet and vanity?
The toilet was just inside the front door (naturally!)

And the vanity was in the master bedroom. Right where everything belonged (dripping with sarcasm!)
Our house is very modest in size and there was NOWHERE else to put this stuff for the last few weeks, which just increased the stress level in the house. Everywhere I looked things were out of place and in the way!

Brace is the big reveal (minus a hanging mirror that I still haven't found. It is really hard to find one that I like.)

New ceramic tile, new door and trim, new shower curtain and rod.
(Vanity, top and toilet were new just 4 months ago so we obviously reused them)

Oh, here is my re-did closet too. The shelves are new, it was painted and new trim up as well.

And another view. As you can tell, all my junk got reloaded back into the bathroom. That was the cheapest job of all! I bribed 3 kids with $1 each to bring it all in for me. Was done in a matter of minutes ~ and happily I might add.

And last thing
Scroll down to reveal what
the room looked like
back in February
before the original
I think the new version is much better, don't you?

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


My bathroom should be finished Wednesday night......I will hope to get the Pierce's ad reviewed for this week.

I also need to get back on track with my meal planning and budget! This remodel is costing me too much with the exhaustion and eating out!

Stick with me, and we will get back on track this week! I need to stay accountable. Join me!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Life Update

I'm sitting in my living room completely exhausted and trying to find the energy to blog some deals.....but I just can't.

One week ago tonight we discovered our bathroom floor was flooded. We pulled up the vinyl to discover a lake of water, urine and crud! (wish you were me don't you?)

Three days of horrible smells, ripping out everything in a room we updated only a few months ago and here we are. Plywood floors only in a bare room.

My week has been a flurry of insurance claim filing, procuring a plumber and visits by contractors. My house is suffering BIG time.

The last thing I feel like doing in my little bit of "free time" right now is blogging.

I hope you all will understand that I am taking a week or two off from updating the blog. The next 2 weeks will be busy coordinating all the work that needs to be done.

Check back soon, and I will once again be looking for deals.