Friday, July 24, 2009

Bushnell Rebate

I heard about this deal the other day, and I was able to check our Walmart in Portage for availability.

If you purchase a Bushnell 5 or 7 day WeatherFX wireless forecaster, you can go here to print a rebate for $50. The beauty is they are on sale at Walmart right now for $50! They are located in the clearance section. There is a limit of 3 rebates per household and items must be purchased between 7/1/09 and 8/15/09.

Think Christmas gifts! I bought three so note to my sisters: dad is getting one, Dave is getting one, and the other is undecided. Ha ha, I beat you!


  1. Be sure to check Bushnell's website for the list of cities these will provide data for. Nationwide there are 152 choices - most outlying areas are not included.

  2. I got two of these, Portage and Baraboo each only had one left. We decided to keep one for at home, because like you, we don't utilize the T.V. much, and I figured it would come in handy for dressing the kids before school. I LOVE IT! I never would have thought to look for a gadget like this, but it works great so far! The only downfall is that the magnet on back is not real strong, so we support it with another bar magnet. The other will be a Christmas gift. To the previous commenter, we get reception from Madison, there is also a Milwaukee setting. And at any moment, we can scroll down and see what weather our relatives in CO are having.
    Thanks for the tip Kendra!