Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A second trip to Kmart

In my defense (not that I need an excuse...) but my kids and I were at Kmart for a "birthday present finding mission". And of course I had to just pick up a couple things..

4 Rice Krispie cereal 4/$9, used $1 MQ - $0.25 each
3 Vaseline lotion $3, $1.50 MQ - FREE
4 Propel water $0.79 each, $0.50 MQ - FREE
1 Applesauce $2.49, $1 IP - $0.49
Lunch box $7.99
Shower curtain $7.99

I also used my $3 off any $3 purchase coupon and I am getting a $5 rebate by mail for the cereal. My total out of pocket was $15.59 which I again put on my gift card! I only have a few bucks left on the card, but anytime I don't have to pay is all good!

I am planning my Walgreen's trip for tomorrow. I have tons of register rewards to use, and I hear any $25 purchase will earn a $5 reward as well. I will post it after I finish!

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