Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Pierce's highlights

Hello all. Don't forget to check out the ad for yourself. As of Thursday a.m., you will also be able to access their 3 day sale (if they are having one) by visiting the homepage. click here to get to it.

Here are the deals as I see them for this week.

Page one
Sweet corn 12/$3
Grapes $0.98/lb
Pork loin or chops $1.88, I've seen cheaper- this price is so-so
Surefresh cheese $0.98, pretty good price, stock up and freeze
Roma pizza $1.58, cheap pizzas!
Post cereals $1.88, $1/2 MQ

Page two
Farmland bacon $2.18, use $1/1 MQ
Goldn Plump chicken thighs or legs 2/$5
Azteca Tortillas $0.99
Banquet frozen meals $0.88

Page three
Campbells soup 5/$3
Pace Salsa 2/$5
Spaghettios 3/$1.98
Chunky soups 2/$3, use $0.75/4 MQ
Old Orchard juice cocktails 2/$3, use $1/2 IP
Old Dutch tortilla chips 2/$4

Page four
---------No significant deals on this page. Thank goodness for the garden!

That is all I see for now folks. Looks like a pretty light grocery week for me.

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