Sunday, August 16, 2009

The first Kmart Doubles!!! Nothing out of pocket.

Nothing out of pocket because I played the prescription game last week! I got $75 in gift cards to use! Of course I owed my sister $25 so I only have $50 to use, but I have enough left to go do doubles again this week if I want to.

I will break down the whole trip for you so you can get a feel for the coupons. Keep in mind the coupons doubled at face value or up to the total amount.

4 Vaseline lotion $3 each, used $1.50 MQ - FREE
1 Metamucil $10, $1 MQ
4 Skintimate shave gel $1.89, $1 MQ -FREE
4 Bic razors $3.49, $2 MQ -FREE
1 Arm and Hammer dryer sheets $3.25, $1 IP -$1.25
2 Arm and Hammer all purpose cleaner $1.49, $1 IP -FREE
2 Chinet plates $2.99, $2 MQ - FREE
2 Oust $3.50, $2/2 MQ plus BOGO MQ -FREE
3 Glade soy candles $2.99, MQ to try free -FREE
2 Cutter mosquito spray $5.39, $2 MQ
2 Rice Krispy bars $2.67, $1/2
4 Kelloggs cereal 4/$9, $1/2 MQ
1 Rice Krispie ceral $2.25, MQ to get free- FREE
2 Coffeemate creamer $3.50, $1 IP
4 Propel water $0.79, $0.50 MQ -FREE
3 Poptarts $2.50, $1/2 MQ

My original total was $128 and change, but after coupons it was $25.67! Over $100 in savings. Plus, I am submitting for the $10 Kellogg's rebate and I got a $3 off a $3 purchase at Kmart. Once those are factored in, It will be a net of $12.67 paid for today.

This trip was awesome. I really have to hand it to our cashier. She was so helpful and had such a great attitude. Even when the register locked and died right as I was going to pay. They had to reboot the computer and re-run my entire order and the coupons too! I think my sister and I were in line for about an hour! But we laughed and joked with the cashier. A good attitude is everything. My sister and I were remarking that we have never had a bad experience using coupons at Kmart. They are always so helpful and patient. I highly recommend shopping there.


  1. Did all your coupons double in one transaction? I thought there was a limit of 10.

  2. All my coupons doubled. It has been my experience at the Portage Kmart that they do not seem to care about the limit. Works for me!

  3. That's great to know. I'll try going to Portage instead of Mauston then! Thanks!