Thursday, August 13, 2009

Pierce's highlights

Here are the deals as I see them this week. As always, if you need to see the ad entirely, visit the Pierce's homepage here.

Page 1
Cantaloupe $1.48
Strawberries $1.88
General Mills cereal (only certain kinds) 5/$10, $1/3 MQ

Page 2
Sunchef Chicken breasts 3lb bag $4.98 (this is my stock up price. I've only seen it cheaper 1 time. )
Haddock or Cod fillets $5.99/lb, it's usually $8.99/lb
Pillsbury Grands Biscuits 2/$3, $1/2 IP or $0.30/2 MQ (did you know you can freeze these? I stock up when I can and free them)
Various butter spreads 2/$4, $0.50 MQ on Country Crock not sure about the others
Coffee mate $1.79, $1 IP coupon
Kraft Cream Cheese 4/$5, $1/2 MQ
New York Garlic Bread 2/$4, $0.40 MQ
Red Baron Pizza 3/$9.99, $1 MQ

Page 3
KC Masterpiece BBQ sauce 2/$5, $0.75 IP
Betty Crocker Cookie mix 4/$4.98, $0.40 MQ
Valuetime syrup $1.39
Skippy peanut butter 2$4, $0.75/2 MQ plus use ad coupon for $2 in free bread when you buy 2 peanut butters

Page 4
Dole salad bag $0.99
Broccoli $0.89/lb
Cucumbers 2/$1
Hellmann's Mayo 2/$7, $0.60 MQ and ad coupon for $2 free deli meat when you buy two. I don't think this is an especially good price, but if you are brand specific you may want to pick it up.
Earthbound organic mini carrots 2/$3, $1/2 MQ

That is it folks. Other than the chicken, I don't see alot of meat to stock up on this week.


  1. WOW didn't think you could freeze the Pillsbury biscuits!! Can u freeze cream cheese? Did you know you can see the 3 day sale now?

  2. I have a friend (and I've read online) that freezes cream cheese without problems. Yes, I saw the 3 day sale ad too. Just didn't get it added. About 6 months ago was when I first froze biscuits and they came out great when cooked.

  3. Thats nice that you can freeze so much. The reason I ask about the 3 day sale it always seems to me that you don't include so I decided to ask. Thats nice about the biscuits because I've had a few go bad before I use them. Do they need to thaw before using?

  4. Yes, let them thaw completely in the fridge before using them. Overnight is usually enough to time. Hope this helps!

  5. You can freeze sour cream also! M