Monday, August 31, 2009

Kmart Double Run

Man did I have a fun time doing this trip. I was also buying birthday gifts for two of my boys, and my cashier was so wonderful and let me do FOUR transactions so I could make the most of the Kmart coupons. (Note: you can only use one Kmart coupon per trip. example: $5/$50 purchase.)

1 Kids toothpaste $2.29, $1 MQ - $0.29
1 Tampax compact $4.49, $2 MQ - $0.49
2 Secret deodorant $2.49, $2 MQ - free
4 trial size Degree deodorant $0.95, $0.75 MQ - free
2 Q-tips $2.50 each, $0.30 MQ - $1.90 each
3 Ziploc bags $2 each, $1/2 MQ, plus MQ buy 2 get 1 free - 3 boxes for $2
1 Bounce dryer sheets $2.99 on clearance (could not find my coupons for it, so mad!)
4 Chinet plates $3.55, $2 MQ - free
1 Wishbone salad dressing $1.99, Peelie on chinet to get free - free
1 glade candle $3.49, $1.50 MQ from inside tin - $0.49
1 Glade candle refill $3.49, MQ to get free when you buy candle - free
5 Glade soy candles $2.99, MQ to get free - free
2 Welch's jelly $2, $0.75 MQ - $0.49 each
2 Hunt's Ketchup $1, $1/2 MQ - free
6 Reese's peanut butter cup 2 pack $0.89, BOGO MQ - got all free
3 8 pack Reese's pb cups $1, $0.55 MQ - free
2 Healthy choice fresh mixers $2.67, $1 MQ - $0.67 each
3 Sunny Delight juice $1 each, $0.55 MQ, plus 2 $0.25 MQ, 1 free, 2 @ $0.50 each
8 Snapple waters $1, 2 BOGO IP and $1 MQ for rest - all free

My 'before' total was just over $100, after coupons it was $10.45. As you can see, most of the things I bought were free or nearly free. I also used a $5/$50 purchase coupon, which is why I bought a free things that weren't on sale. I needed to make sure I had a balance that wasn't negative.

On another note (thanks mom), be sure to check the cosmetics area for clearance and sale items. My mom had several coupons for "$1 of any cover girl product" etc and was able to score free nail polish, emery boards and tweezers. I always forget to check that section. Thanks for the reminder!

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  1. You did awesome!!! I, too, went to Kmart yesterday, but didn't do THAT well....$71 and oop was $28. Also went to CVS, Target (HUGE savings there and got free full tubs of wipes and pretty darn cheap Huggies and Pampers as well)! Target was about $80 and oop was $32'ish. Also hit my grocery store and had $81 and walked out for $32!!! Kendra, I was so pumped up yesterday!!! Jon even commented about it. Thank you again so much for helping me see the light :) We've saved some money and overall, diapers for the twins are pretty much FREE money (if that makes sense)!
    Tanya S in good 'ol ND :)
    PS Tell the boys Happy Birthday a little late! Cannot believe how time has flown!!! age 6, right?