Thursday, August 13, 2009

Trade coupons anyone?

I've been trying to think all week how to approach this post. I know we all coupon and like to save money. But what can we do to reduce the waste of throwing away coupons?

Many of my work friends and I swap coupons and seek deals together. Coupons I wouldn't use, they want. This exchange works out great. I also swap with my mom and sisters.

Rachael (one of my followers) is wondering what she can do with the coupons she uses. We tried to problem solve this dilemma and here is what I came up with for now.

Once a week I will write a post about swapping coupons. Leave a comment on the post and let us know what coupons you are looking for along with a way to contact you. This could be via email or phone. It will be up to you to check in and click on comments at end of the post to see is anyone has something you want.

If you have any better suggestions for a way to facilitate exchanging coupons, let me know.

I'll start: I have an extra copy of the coupon inserts from the last two weeks up for grabs. If there is something in that you are looking for contained in those inserts, let me know. I am also always looking for coupons on the Quaker oatmeal bars that my hubby 'has' to have.

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  1. Start a coupon train with all your readers who want to participate, and friends. Everyone just puts their extras in and pulls out the ones they can use. :) I trade LOTS at, I love it!

  2. Hi Kendra,
    I have lots of the Quaker coupons but they do expire today. I can meet you today if you would still like them. e-mail me at

  3. I have 8 .20 off hunts ketchup. It is on special this weekend at Pierces for .78 each. E-mail me at if interested.
    Thanks Rachal

  4. Anyone interested in a $5.00 off manufacturer's coupon for any one Jennie-O Turkey Store product(it is NOT an internet printable coupon; it expires 12/31/09)? I received it from Biggest Loser's promotion a while back and I don't think I will use it so I would like to trade it. I would like to receive $5.00 worth of coupons for it for any of the following products (Juicy Juice, All laundry det., Cascade Action Pacs, Ball Park Franks, Wheat Thins, Quaker granola bars).

    I also have two $.50 off one Peter Pan Peanut Butter coupons that expire 1/3/2010. These are internet printable coupons I printed but turns out my kids prefer Skippy. Would trade for $1 worth of coupons.

    You can email me at if interested. Thanks!

  5. I have 10 save $1.50 on Degree Mist or stick product I would like to trade. They expire 9/13/09 and I did print them off the internet. Email me at if interested.


  6. I have a ton of coupons that are about to expire or I don't have any use in. Anyone wanting any of these please e-mail me at

    12-Famous Dave's Seasoning save .75 each
    13-Famous Dave's Pickles save .50 each
    13-Famous Dave's Marinade save .50 each
    All 3 Famous Dave's expire 9/30/09

    5-Whole Fruit, Fruit Bar save .50 each
    5-Minute Maid Frozen Novelty have .50 each
    5-Whole Fruit Sorbet have .50 each
    Luigi's Real Italian Ice save .50 each
    All 4 expire 8/31/09

    2-Odwalla Beverage save .50 on one any variety or size expires 8/31/09

    2-Pompeian Olive Oil 16oz or larger 1.00 off one doesn't expire

    4-Pringles Fat Free 165g save .50 off 2 expires 8/31/09

    2-Gedney Pickles save 1.00 off 2 expires 9/30/09

    7-Pace Picante Sauce or Salsa save .75 on 2 15oz or larger jars
    7-Pace Speciality Salsa save 1.00 on 1
    Both expire 8/28/09

    5-Swiss Premium Tea save 1.00 on one gallon or 2 half hallons
    expires 8/31/09

    2-Powerade or powerade zero save 1.00 when you buy 5 32oz bottles expires 9/2/09

    3-Hamburger Helper, tuna, chicken Skillet Meals save .75 on 3
    expires 10/3/09

    5-Perdue Short Cuts carved chicken breast save .75 on one
    expires 9/6/09

    12-Newmans own salad dressing or marinade save .75 on one
    expires 9/6/09

    13-Hunts Ketchup 24oz or larger save .20 each
    expires 8/31/09

    9-Pam Cooking Spray save .35 each expires 8/31/09

    11-Reddi-wip have .50 each expires 8/31/09

    5-Dunkin Donuts Coffee save 1.00 on any 11oz or larger
    expires 8/31/09

    I have more I'll post later this is just a start. Just let me know if any you want