Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Pierce's highlights

As always, these are the deals as I see them. Be sure to browse the ad to check it out for yourself.

Premium seedless grapes $0.99/lb for red, green or black
Peaches or Nectarines $0.98/lb
Kemps flavored milk 10/$10 (remember you do not have to buy 10 for the deal)
Kemps sour cream 5/$5 ($1 is my target price for this)

Hormel pork spareribs or boneless ribs $1.78/lb
Oscar Mayer ham or turkey lunch meat 2/$5 (throw them in the freezer for school lunches)
Farmland sausage rolls or links $0.99 (love it. great for pizza or breakfast-stock up and freeze)
Goldn' Plump split chicken breast 2/$8 , use $1 MQ if you still have them to make this a better deal.
Crystal Farms Butter $1.68/lb
Bagels Forever 5/$5
Dean's twin pops popsicles 5/$5

Dole fruit cups 2/$4, this is the lowest price I ever see
Peter pan peanut butter, pair with the $0.50 IP from last week
Van Camps baked beans 5/$5 a low price
Manwich 5/$5, good price for this
Chef Boyardee 5/$5, pair with the $1 IP out there
Hunts Snack pack pudding 5/$5, $1/2 MQ or $1/4 IP
Act II popcorn 5/$5, pair with $0.40 MQ last weekend

Dole bagged lettuce 2/$3

Wow, it really does add up to be a decent week for stockpiling. Be sure to take advantage of the back to school sales. Buy the snacks and lunch meat now while it's on sale and save it for the fall!

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  1. Long time reader, first time responder. :)

    I was just at Pierce's and they have Skintastic/Edge shave gel $2/4...couple that with the coupons from the Sunday paper (one for Edge and one for Skintastic), I paid $.85 for Edge and $1 for the Skintastic total! Thanks for the inspiration, Kendra!

    Jessica (the Baraboo MOPS person that wrote you an e-mail)