Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Walgreen's and a return to Kmart

Howdy folks! I didn't bother with a picture on the Walgreen's run, but here's what I got:

6 bx Kraft shells & cheese 2/$5 with ad coupon. I had a bunch of RR's to use, I pd 50 cents out of pocket total.

I would have done the degree trial size deal, but of course our Walgreen's only had 3 on hand. Another time I guess.

Then I ran Kmart. Some shampoo I bought on Sunday rang up about 80 cents too high. I got my difference refunded and they also gave me a $3 gift card for my time! Apparently their policy is if it rings up wrong you get $3 or the item for free if it is less than $3! Sweet! So I went ahead and bought the toilet paper I forgot on Sunday. I paid less than $1 out of pocket!

A good day overall! Very little actual money spent thanks to the return and RR's. How did your Walgreen's run go this week?


  1. I am skipping Wags and CVS this week. Nothing too exciting at either place. I did the KMart doubles and spent $16. Today I went to Target on my lunch hour to spend the $20 target gift card I got for doing the Livewell trial offer that I cancelled. I got $61 for $19.87 (so nothing out of my pocket). Way cool.

  2. Wow Jules, good job too! Kendra, did you notice that the Pig ad now clearly says they do take internet coupons up to $2.00! Way cool!

  3. I made a Walgreens trip this morning. There is a coupon at A Full Cup (and probably other websites but AFC is what I used) for a free recyclable bag in honor of Earth day today if you bring in the coupon and you also get 15-20% off your purchases! I bought 1 Pledge Multi Surface cleaner (2/$7-$2 manf. coup.), 1 Glade Soy Candle ($5.99-4.00 manf. coup.-$2 IVC=FREE), 4 bags Hershey Bliss (2/$7-$1 manf. coup.-$1/2 IVC-$5 MIR=$1.00 each), 1 All laundry det. ($3.29-$.40 manf. coup.) and 1 Bic Soleil disp. razor ($4.99-$1 IVC-$2 manf. coup=$1.99). These prices do not reflect the additional 15% off. I saved $28.47 and spent $7.56 out of pocket after using a $3.50 RR (my subtotal I believe was $29.99). Not too bad! -- Rachael