Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Not Walgreen's....Target

Well folks....I was going to shop at Walgreen's this morning but frankly there were only 2 things I was going to buy so I decided to just skip it this week. I will definitely have to go next week in order to use my RR's before they expire.

One quick note to you Walgreen's fan....Last week the cashier told me the manager was 'cracking down' on using Register Rewards. A friend was also told that today. Apparently the new 'policy' at the Portage Walgreen's is they will only allow you one transaction when purchasing items that come with register rewards. Frankly, whatever. If they want me to run my stuff out to the van and then "remember" to go in and buy another basket of stuff I will.
Anyways, this is some of my purchases that I made at Target in Sun Prairie. I mentioned in an earlier blog that they have their own coupons you can stack with MQ, so that's what I did.
I know I need Mac and Cheese like a hole in the head, but I couldn't pass them up. I got 30 of them for a total of 40 cents. Not each...total for all 30. I will highlight the main match ups.
  • Easy Mac cups 0.77 each, $1/2 target, B2G1 MQ (0.40 total after coupons)
  • Kraft dressing 1.59, $1.50 MQ (0.09 after)
  • Kraft Mayo 1.99 each, $1/2 target, $1 ea MQ (were 0.49 each after)
  • Olay 2.49, $2 MQ
  • Muir Glen tomato paste $1.22 each, $1 each MQ
  • Pace salsa $2.50 each, had up to $4 off each (they gave me entire $4 off, so made $)
  • 3 boxes Spaghetti marked down to 0.36 each
  • 2 bags rice marked down to 0.72 each.
Like I said, I got some other items, but these were the biggie deals. My total was over $92, but at the end it was only $32. I saved over $60 this trip. I was bummed though, because the wheat thins were supposed to be on sale according to a blog I read, but they weren't at our local store. I was going to buy out their crackers! Maybe next time.
How is your Walgreen's trip this week? Are you finding any amazing deals or freebies out there? Let me know....leave a comment on the blog! Have a great week. I will try to get the grocery run downs out tomorrow.

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