Saturday, April 25, 2009

Pierce's 4-24-09

Here's the grub for the week!

Good deals include: Johnsonville brats 0.55 MQ, Old Orchard Juice $1/2 MQ, apples 0.25 store coupon, Taquitos $1 MQ, hot dogs. pork chops and chicken nuggets were on special as well.

Spent a total of $60.60, going over my budget by $6 for the month which is not too bad. (I took the money from my Walgreen's stash since I just earned a gift card there!). I saved a total of $32.73 with sales and coupons. What makes this trip even more exciting is that it including ingredients for appetizers for a get together I'm hosting this weekend as well, on top of my normal shopping list!

I am proud that I have been consistently saving about 30% by shopping sales and using coupons at the grocery store. We definitely have been getting a lot more for our money! If only we could have a grocery store that doubled coupons.....a girl can dream right?

How did your shopping trip go this week? How much did you save. Let me know!

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