Saturday, April 4, 2009

Walmart run

Howdy folks. We made a quick run to Walmart so I was able to find a couple deals to share with you.

4 Kraft Ranch $1.58 each: use $1.50 off MQ from last weekend and they are 8 cents each
6 Johnson's Buddies soap 97 cents: used 2 $3/3 internet coupons= free
2 No Yolks noodles $1.68 each: used 75 cents off MQ
3 Softsoap (only scent on sale) $1 each: used 35 cents off MQ
1 box Seapack shrimp poppers $1.32: used $1 off MQ
1 K-Y $2.64: used $3 MQ
6 5pks of Koolaid $0.88 each: no coupon
So my total before coupons was $27.74, after coupons was $10.11. I saved over $17 in coupons!! Good score.
I want to also alert my readers of a potential hassle at Walmart. According to one of my friends, they refused to accept internet coupons on her visit. She called the store manager who said they have experienced some coupon fraud and were no longer going to take them. A call to Walmart headquarters told her that each store can decide their own coupon accepting policies.
Obviously, this is distressing news for anyone shopping the portage Walmart. We have so few shopping options as it is, and this would really complicate things. On this trip, my cashier did take my 2 internet coupons. But if they refuse you on a future visit, I suggest you ask to see the manage and demand clarification. Plus let me know! I will wage an email and telephone war with walmart as needed to lobby for a better coupon policy. We can do it! Moms are a very powerful group as they decided most of the spending in the family. If needed, I may call on all of you to assist me. In the meantime, use your coupons responsibly so we can have as many options as possible!
Please contact me if you have any questions!


  1. Thanks for posting... I saw a few things that reminded me I have those coupons. I have been using my internet coupons and they have yet to say anything. I we can continue to use them.

  2. After you upgraded to this century and got a new computer and they won't let you use internet coupons? What a pain!