Saturday, April 11, 2009

My grocery trip 4-10-09

First off let me say that I sat down and planned my meals for next week and discovered that other than bread, milk and a few fresh veggies, I didn't need any other groceries for this week! That is one of the awesome benefits I have found when I stock up on items when they are cheap!

That being said, there were a few sales I didn't want to miss because of my coupons so I did buy a few more things than needed. I also bought another ham because I've been nervous about having enough on hand today for the family~ and I love leftovers. This way I'm sure there will be enough for today and many leftovers for the future!

Items I had coupons on were: Pringles $1/2, Cinnamon rolls .40, Wheat Thins $1/2, Old Orchard juice $1/2.

My total out of pocket amount was $45.31, with a coupon and savings amount of $38.77. A total savings of 46% for this week!

How did you do this week? I am looking forward to my Walgreen's trip this week, I have a few days to wait though!

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