Saturday, April 4, 2009

Make money with prescriptions

Hi all. Just a quick update to let you know about another money making opportunity that exists out there. A few weeks ago in the Kmart and Walgreen's ad, there were coupons for an incentive on a new or transferred prescription. I cut out those ads in hopes of running this deal.

Hubby just got Rx's renewed by the doctor so I had them phoned in to Kmart pharmacy. These are prescriptions we must buy every month. When I picked them up I used 2 Kmart coupons for a $10 gift card with a new prescription. So I now have $20 in Kmart gift cards in my wallet for use anytime (other than paying for that prescription).

When it is time to refill again later this month, I will use my Walgreen's coupon as it will now be considered a 'transferred' prescription. The Walgreen's coupon is for a $25 gift card to be used in the store. So by the end of April I will have earned $35 for prescriptions I have to buy anyways!! Isn't that cool?

The stores don't run this special all the time, and I notice that the Walgreen's coupon does limit redeeming this type of reward to once every 6 months. Just thought I'd let you all know, this is the first time I've done this, although I've read about other moms doing it.

Do you know any other "different" ways to earn money or rewards? Let me know so I can share with others!


  1. Ooh, I could use this one with the prescriptions! Thanks for the heads-up Kendra! :)Kristin Smith

  2. I have been tapping into the free gift cards for signing up for a service and then cancelling within the free trial. I just used my $15 papa john's gift card for dinner tonight and I am currently working on a $20 Target gift card.