Saturday, April 18, 2009

Groceries for the week

Ok, I am done with the shopping. I ran to both Piggly Wiggly (with 3 kids) and Pierce's (without kids). I definitely enjoyed the second trip.
Piggly Wiggly (bottom photo): I got 3- 3lb packs of the ground chuck to make burgers and for tacos/spaghetti etc, 11 of the 'buy 10 get 11' items on sale and some Quaker granola bars with a 75 cents off coupon. FYI everyone- the Pig is no longer taking internet coupons....UGH!

Total there was $30.57 with savings of $10.60 using card and coupons.

Pierce's (top photo): I picked up 2 more bags of boneless/skinless chicken for $4.88, 4 Kraft mac 'n cheese (weekend special for ? 49 cents), lettuce (48 cents ea weekend only price), crackers with coupon, bagels 4/$5, Bacon 1.98 (weekend special), carrots, tomatos, apples, butter (to freeze) and fries.
Total there was $40.37, with coupon and card savings of $24.93.
Overall, I am very pleased. I still have $53.00 left and only one more week to go before I refill the monthly shopping envelope. As a reminder, I only budget $70 per week~ sometimes I go over, sometimes under but it averages out over the course of the month. This seems to be a very comfortable amount for our family. But keep in mind, each family is different and your stockpile may be more or less than mine!
Looking forward to Kmart doubles tomorrow. Check out the webpages I follow (under profile) for some coupon match ups for Kmart. Happy Shopping!

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