Sunday, April 12, 2009

Walgreen's on Easter

Happy Easter everyone!

Hope you all had a great time celebrating with family and friends!

I had fun at Walgreen's today. My out of pocket seems pretty high, but I will explain. First off, here's what I bought:

4 Lysol BOGO with 3-50 cents IP coupons (there is also a $3 mail in rebate through the company)
2 Folgers instant coffee $4.99 with ad, 50 cents MQ
4 Skippy BOGO peanut butter, had 3-40 cents MQ
1 Chapstick Naturals
1 Fiberchoice
2 Colgate toothbrush, 2-$1 MQ
1 Tuf garbage bags
I did a total of 2 transactions, in the first I bought the garbage bags and one toothbrush (so I could get 2 free toothbrushes). All the rest was in the 2nd transaction.
My out of pocket total was $30.63. My total in coupons and ad savings was $38.29 (yah, I saved more than I spent!!). Plus I also earned $11.50 in RR to roll next week ($3.50 x2 for toothbrushes, $2 for chapstick, and $2.50 for Fiberchoice).
Let me know the deals you snagged this week by leaving a comment. Be sure to leave your name! I am headed to Target this week to check out some deals there, I'll be sure to fill you in!


  1. WOW! Alright girl; I thought I was good at this coupon thing but obviously I have a lot to learn yet. Will you teach me?

  2. I got 1 IP coup. from Lysol's website. Printed a 2nd but printer ran out of ink. I would REALLY like to get more of the Lysol toilet cleaner with coups. I printed the 2 (tech. I only have 1 that will work). How did you get 3 if you don't mind me asking? Thanks Kendra! -- Rachael

  3. I want 4 Lysol toilet cleaners as well but I could only get 2 off Lysol's site (the 2nd coup. I won't be able to use because my printer ran out of ink). How/where did you get 3 IP coups if you don't mind me asking? -- Rachael

  4. Rachael, I was able to print 3 from the website before it quit. Now I can't even get the toilet cleaner to show up on the lysol page. I figured 3 coupons was better than none so I paid full price for the other. That stuff rarely goes on sale. Last time I paid full price for it!

  5. Thanks Kendra! BOGO and rebate is still a good deal and I do have the 1 coup. to use. I was at Target this morning buying Easter clearance, etc. thought I'd fill you in on a couple things you might look for. If you need toothpaste in the trial size for kids or Pay It Forward challenge, I was able to get the trial size Colgate Spongebob toothpaste ($.50)with my $.75/1 coup. from SS 3/29. Otherwise they have Colgate in trial size for .97 you could use that coup. for. Kotex Lightdays coup. for $.75/1 from SS 4/5 is a good deal also in trial size - .27 each after coup. I hear Dry Idea is free with coups. but not a brand I prefer so skipped that myself. Hope this info. helps with your shopping trip. There are some great new store deals at the Sun Prairie Target. -- Rachael

  6. That's where I'm going Rachael. I have been busy getting my list and coupons together. Looks like there are some deals to be had!