Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Target goodies

I'm not sure if you all know this, but Target runs their own coupons. You can find them online and on many other coupon sites like hotcouponworld.com as well. The beauty of their coupons is that you can "stack" them with manufacture coupons. Combine that with the item being on sale and you are in business! That's what I did today.

Here is the run down: MQ-manufacture coupon. target-target printable coupon

  • 2 storage bins 0.99
  • 2 All detergent 3.99: $2 MQ, $1 target
  • 1 Johnson's buddies shampoo $3.34: $1 MQ, 0.75 target
  • 7 Johnson's buddies soap $1.12: $1 MQ, 0.75 target
  • 1 Dry Idea deodorant $2: $2 MQ
  • 4 Colgate toothpaste trial size 0.50: 0.75 MQ
  • 6 Teddy Grahams $2: $1/2 MQ, $1 target
  • 6 Target fruit snacks 0.89: $1 target
  • 2 V8 Fusion juice $2.99: $2 MQ
  • 1 True Delight bars 2.89: $1 MQ
  • 2 Kraft Shells & Cheese $1.50: no coupon
  • 8 Kraft Easy Mac 0.77: 1 $1/2 MQ, $1/2 target
  • 2 Lipton rice mix 0.99: $1/2 MQ
  • 1 Quaker oatmeal bar 2.69: no coupon
  • 2 Starkist pouches $1: no coupon
  • 3 Sand buckets for the kids $1 each with no coupons!

My total before coupons was $87.51, with the final out of pocket total of $22.99! Doing the math, that means I saved $60.97 in coupons!

A thank you to Rachael for the heads up on the Colgate toothpaste moneymaker! As you can see, I got a lot of this for free and/or very cheap by spending a little time checking out the coupons. I did miss out on having 'mommy' time during this trip as my youngest has decided to get pink eye again (despite not ever being around anyone with it), so I had the pleasure of his company on this trip as we then made a detour to the doctor's office. Now we get to experience the drama again of 4 times a day screaming...I mean drops.

On another note, I spend some of my 'pay it forward' money at Target. I again got about $20 worth of stuff and paid around $7 for it all. When it's all done, I will post a picture with the link to the bank. More on that later.

Don't forget that Kmart will be doubling coupons again here in Portage starting this Sunday, and the grocery store ads come out tomorrow. I will try to get the reviews up by bedtime Wednesday. Until then, happy shopping!

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  1. You did well. Nothing too exciting, but nice items to have on hand. It is so easy to send the kids places with snacks now...no last minute running to the store and paying full price!JC