Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Pay It Forward Challenge

Summit Credit Union here in southern Wisconsin is running a pay it forward challenge now until the end of May. Today was the day I signed up!

Each person answers the question "If Summit CU gave you $10 what would you do with it?" My answer along with everyone else's will be posted on their website. People can then vote on the best idea and the winner gets $500 for themselves and $500 to donate to a charity or organization.

I filmed my idea and was promptly give $10 in order to complete the challenge. My idea was to use my couponing skills to see how much food and other non-perishables I can get with the money to donate to the Portage food pantry!

I am so excited to do this and look forward to maximizing the money! I already have a list together of freebies to pick up this weekend.

As soon as they email me the link I will share it with you. Maybe you will be inspired to "Pay it forward" as well!

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