Thursday, April 30, 2009

Groceries....mmm lots of fruit and veggies

Man, I love this time of year when it comes to food. The deals on fruits and veggies get better, and they taste so much better too.

Pierce's has the following sales I picked up:
cucumbers 4/$2
lettuce bag 0.99
Strawberries 2/$3
Roma tomato's 1.29/lb (ok not sooo cheap but a better price and better looking than the others)
French fries $1
Chuck steaks 2.18/lb
Pork chops boneless 2.18/lb
Roma pizza's 5/$9

Other than that, I just picked up my normal milk, bread, bagels and very little else. I have found that I am staying more on the periphery of the store vs going down all the isles!

My total was $51.53, and my coupon/ad savings was $38.26! A savings of nearly half by buying only what is on sale! And I am so excited that I came in under my budget of $70/wk for the family! Hard to believe that only a month or so ago I was planning to up the budget, but now I can easily stay under budget and we all eat well and have a fully stocked pantry and freezer. In fact, I can't fit anything else into the freezer at this point!

I am thinking of starting to post our meal plan each week to give you an idea of what we eat and how easy it can be to plan and keep it simple. What do you think? Is it something that would be helpful? Let me know by leaving me a comment.

Have a great week!


  1. Hey Kendra question - I never see any paper products or cleaning etc. in your stash you bought. In your $70 a week is that food products only? I usually buy everything together and it is cleaning, toilet paper, paper towels, garbage bags, printer ink etc. Just wondering if you have a different budget for that sort of thing or I have missed them before? Jen

  2. Jen, what a great question! Because I buy in bulk when things are on sale, I don't have to worry about paper products and cleaning supplies very often. My $70 per week does cover that as well. I also have a "Walgreen's" budget of $60 per month that may pick up some of those items as well. I have big time stashes of paper towels, kleenex and toilet paper in the house so I only buy when it is cheap! Hope this answers your questions!

  3. Yup just wondered as when I go every week and buy that stuff it adds about $40 to the bill. Plus since I don't eat meat and we have school lunches to buy items for we have about $40 in veggies and fruit and about $20 in school lunch stuff so before even buying main food items my bill is like $100. I end up never leaving the store without paying at least $170! I would love to cut $100 off the bill - it would be like getting another part time job! If you have any tips for reducing costs of paper or cleaning stuff I would love to see those deals posted and where to get the coupons as well as I have one tip. I can see our grocery bill going down this summer by about $30 as i signed up for eat healthy rewards with physicians plus and am getting a couples share of fresh fruits and veggies from mid may through september. I put all our healthy rewards towards the cost so the entire season of boxes I only had to pay $35 out of pocket. MOst people don't even realize their hmo might pay for that!!! Now to work on paper and cleaning part of the bill! Thanks for answering Kendra - jen