Saturday, March 28, 2009

A second round of Double's

Kmart again. I had to run for a prescription so why not take another look and use a few more coupons?

Old Spice deodorant: $2 MQ from P&G mailer=free
Mt Dew 12 packs: $2 MQ from a rebate=48 cents each
Stride Gum $2 off 3 packs MQ=free
Bic Soleil razors: $2 MQ=free
Sunkist soda: $1 peelie on bottle
3 Boxes Ziploc bags: $1 off 2 and 40 cents off 1

Keep in mind all coupons were doubled. So my total oop was $8.56 for over $40 worth of stuff!

I love double coupons- which it was more often!

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