Saturday, March 14, 2009

Sisterhood Award

I am honored that All Things Frugal was so kind and has given me a Sisterhood Award in blogging!

I am truly flattered, thanks for visiting the site!

It represents those that have Attitude & Gratitude. I must now pass it on to 5 ladies who share those traits so here goes:

1. Getting Ahead - I love the weekly wrap up for being frugal!
2. Thrifty Florida Mama Found a great link on her site for a woman who lived on $1 per day!
3. $5 Dollar Dinners - Don't miss her bargain meal of the week.
4. Bargain Briana enjoy her series of the 15 Days of Couponing
5. Affluent Pauper Look for her Sunday Sample roundup

Thanks ladies for helping me start my journey into saving money:)

As with all awards there are some rules:
Post it on my blog
link to who gave it to me
and let the others know to come and get it.

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