Sunday, March 22, 2009

Kmart is the savings place!

Wasn't that their jingle or tag line in the 80's? Anywho, I LOVE Kmart today!

Here's a breakdown since it helps me to relive it! (These amounts are after coupons!)

4 bottles Sunkist: free
10 packs gum: free
Quaker snack thingy: free
Total cereal: free
Buddies soap: free
2 pk valentine hears: 10 cents each
1 pack gum: $1
4 box Pop Tarts: 49 cents each
6 Secret deodorant: 40 cents each
Vaseline lotion:$1 each
Benefiber tabs: $1.50 each
2 kid toothbrushes: $1 each
2 Ziploc containers: $1 each
1 Ziploc Baggies: $1.19
2 Nature's Source cleaners: 50 cents each
1 toilet cleaner (only item with no coupon): $2
2 coffee mate creamers: $4.58 for both

My total (adjusted for a return I made after I checked the receipt~guess my math-in-my-head calculator was off) was just over $100. My after total and actual out of pocket amount was $16.03! I saved 84% on the above items. Holy @#@*!!

Please leave me a comment about any other deals you know of!

Rachel, it was great to see you! Thanks for all the kind words about the blog. I'm so glad it is helping people!


  1. My big find was a can of Swiffer duster spray valued at $3.49 which I paid only $1.49 after my coupon otherwise I just bought advertised sale items. Those double coupons at Kmart sure do make a difference! I love your shopping blogs Kendra! Keep up the great work and thanks for sharing all your insight and helping busy Moms like me save money! It was great to see you too!! -- Rachael

  2. Kendra,
    How do you get so many groceries for free? Should I be buying the Sunday papers? or are you finding a good place to score manufacturers coupons?
    Linda Beringer

  3. Kendra,

    I even got into the double coupon deals at Kmart when mom was watching Benny yesterday. I got $178 for $55. I used the $5 coupon instore from the Kmart Web site; got the overage from a $5 Huggies coupon when the wipes were only $2.99; got craploads of tampons and pads for less than 50 cents each and free pop, cereal, etc. Then, Jules told me about the Glamour thing where you send in a $50 Kmart receipt and get a $25 in store credit, so all in all it will be $30 for $178. I'm totally hooked! Thanks also for the Walmart formula coupon phone tip, although they are "overwhelmed with calls" so I had to leave a message. I'm still hoping I can glom onto that one. Stacy

  4. Made my Walgreens trip today. Total before coupons was $48.94. Total OOP was $23.65 so I saved over 50%!! My best finds were the Schick Quattro razor (.99), 3 pks. Stride gum (.37 total), Playtex tampons (2.99), 2 Almay prods. (5.99), Reynolds wrap (1.17). This was the most I've saved to date with SS and in-store coupons so I'm thrilled. -- Rachael

  5. Great job Rachael and Stacy. Way to work the sales! You are doing awesome. Keep up the savings!

  6. Love the updates and progress, Kendra. When you post your deals, I'd love to hear what you used to achieve that price. It would help newbies like me!