Saturday, March 21, 2009

Saturday savings!

First up is my Pierce's trip. The Dr. Pepper was free, along with the Dog Biscuits. No, we aren't getting a dog. I will donate them to the dog that lives at the nursing home where I work. Pierce's has a lot of 10/$10 sales this week to stock up! Most of my produce was under that deal along with the Manwich, cheese slices and spaghetti noodles.

You may look at my spread and wonder "how is she going to feed her family on this small stash of groceries?" (Don't forget I will have company with 4 additional mouth to feed from Thursday to Sunday). That's where stockpiling comes in handy. I have room in my $80 weekly grocery budget to stock up on the basics when they are on sale. Believe it or not, the above groceries will feed us all and the company. I have planned meals around what we have on hand. Our freezer downstairs will not fit another thing in it, so it's time to clean it out!

The out of pocket total for these groceries was $41.62, with a savings of coupons and sale items totalling $20.31. Leaves me a lot of wiggle room in the budget for next week's food. I know the chicken will be on sale any week now!

Here is the short trip I took to Piggly Wiggly to take advantage of a weekend only sale. 6 packs of hot dogs at 99 cents each and the ketchup $1 each. I had to do 3 transactions because the hot dogs were limit 2. I was up front about it to the cashier, and she didn't mind and I didn't have to pretend my kids were buying them! Total spent: $7.76. ($14.70 was the savings) And that is how you stock up when things are on sale. We are set for hot dogs for awhile.

Wrap up: I spent $49.38 today. That leaves me with $30.62 extra for groceries next week. Of course I may use some for the Kmart doubles!!

Be sure to check out money saving mom for her weekly Saturday shopping trip as well. How did you do?

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