Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Weekly Walgreen's Deals !!

Holy cow, the deals keep rolling. My total my look like a lot, but I sure got a lot. 3 cottonelle wipes, 2 Ragu, 2 12pk Mt Dew, 2 Dawn, 2 Colgate, tea bags, paper plates, 2 bags of Easter candy (hidden from view due to children in vicinity), qtips and 2 clearance digestive aids. I had coupons for all items except paper plates.

Here's the totals: oop $29.03. But..... I got $3 register rewards for the soda, and the coupon savings was $45.32!! Total savings of 61%!! It is so awesome to see that I am saving a whole lot more than I am spending!

Also of note, have you heard the 'Dove Buzz' going on all month long at Walgreen's? I bought 8 Dove soap bars at $0.99 each and got a $10 RR! The blogs are all saying this will also work on Dove trial size soap or deodorant! You must buy 8 Dove products for the $10 RR. It is an unadvertised sale, but don't miss out on it.

I went to Walgreen's again today to take advantage of it since we need soap and Dove is our soap of choice. I also decided to do the Mt Dew deal again. My cart had 8 soaps and 2 12pks of soda. My total was $15.12, and I got $13 RR back. My total pd was really only $2.12!!! Can you top that????


  1. I noticed you had Colgate Total in your pile. Didn't you get the Max Fresh that was a money maker this week. Cost $3.49, get $3.49 RR, plus use the $1.00 off coupon?

    Good score at wags. I did the Dove soap thing twice and I might do the deoderant thing next week if there is any left since it is a month long thing. 2 trips to wags in one week is my limit.

  2. Awesome. Great deals! I have rocked two dove deals, so $20 toward next week. I also ran to SuperTarget today. They have crazy meat deals going on and my downstairs freezer is packed. I did the Pig also and only went $5 over for weekly budget. Seriously, I have meat for two months between Pig deli meats, brats, Target meat, chicken deals, etc! Shoppers buzz!