Thursday, March 19, 2009


Just a friendly reminder to you all to watch the expiration date on your Register Rewards! I didn't realize mine were 1 day from expiring...good thing I found plenty to buy with it!

Obviously got some Easter candy, Kleenex (I was down to two boxes!), clearance napkins were 25 cents after coupon! My favorite deal was the toothbrushes~buy 3 2pks of Reach on sale for 3/$9, then get $6RR back. Essentially they were 50 cents for each toothbrush after that. We always need toothbrushes.

The totals: My oop was $19.68 after saving $30.56 in ads/coupons! A savings of more than half! (I can't find my calculator to figure it exact). Don't forget I also got $6 RR for my next visit!

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