Sunday, March 15, 2009

Shopping round up

Here is my Walmart run. There are 4 bags of those rice chips actually (hard to see). Had a couple freebie coupons, and many coupons for the rest of the items. We didn't need too many groceries because we are headed out of town for a couple days. I used this opportunity to stock up on a few things I had been putting off.

Subtotal was $46.47, but after coupons my total was $21.73. I save $24.74 using coupons!! More than 53%!!

Here is my Pierce's run. Not pictured is the loaf of bread and 3 bags of chips I bought. Seems like the week of chips?!

Got 6lbs hamburger, 6lb Chicken quarters (68 cents/lb!), cheese blocks, bags of apples and potatoes, sugar on sale, and the other stuff you see here. I found waffles cheap when there too! Note the lighter fluid as grilling season is BACK! Don't forget the kiwi that Andrew begged for!

Total after coupons and sales was $63.56, more than I meant to spend! But saving was $35.76. At least I figure I saved about 1/3 here. I wish they had better sales. Oh well, can't win them all!

I hope your grocery shopping was also successful. I am happy that I am on track for my budget so far, hope to keep it reigned in this month. Still have guests coming later this month, I need to work on a menu for that!

Until later, have a great day and week. See you for the Walgreen's post later this week.

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