Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Keeping my eyes on the Target...

First of all, a shout out to my son Sam for helping me organize and getting into the picture!

My shopping day at Target was amazing: DEALS!!!!- sorry the picture is so far away but I plan to recap anywho. The deals (after coupons~both in store coupons and manufacture coupons)

10 bags Goldfish crackers: free
3 box PopTarts: free
3 sample size Tide: free
1 Gillette body wash: free
5 sample size Head & Shoulders: 12 cents each
1 Suave deodorant: 47 cents
2 boxes Fruit snacks: 50 cents each
4 box Granola bars: 75 cents each
2 Deli Lunch meat: 2.04 each
2 bags Broccoli: 50 cents each
1 bag Romaine lettuce: 1.24 each
14 Kraft mac n cheese: 39 cents each
10 Prego spaghetti sauce: 74 cents each
6 pkg Beef steaks: total all 6 15.70
2 carton Tropicana oj: 1.99 each
6 Silk soymilk: 97 cents each
6 6pks Motts applesauce: 69 cents each
4 box Toaster Strudel: 64 cents each
2 box Pancake mix: 1.49 each
2 Velveeta shells individual size: 58 cents total
2 24 pk bottled water: 1.00 each

I think I covered it all. That is a lot of stuff! My back was breaking hauling it all in the house.

My oop total was $49.21 and I saved $104.15! A savings of 68%!!

To all you nay-sayers that say I bought a lot of junk food my answer is yes, I did. However, much of this was packed away into our pantry cupboard and will be filtered to our kitchen slowly.

Secondly, much of this stuff I already buy on a regular basis. My kids are pretty typical preschoolers and eat a lot of mac n cheese and granola bars etc. I don't have a problem with it as long as it is not every meal, all the time. That's why our hall closet(pantry) works well. They can't reach the stuff, and I can bring out boxes as I see fit. They still have to eat their veggies and proteins every day!

So, tell me what you think and leave me a message. Thanks also to my sister for letting me know about these deals and escorting me!! Love ya Jen.


  1. WOW! You rocked Target. We don't have a Super Target here (although one is coming within miles of my house in October). I was able to rock the goldfish and applesauce deal. I am going to go back again on Friday and get some more...you can never have enough of either of those 2 things.
    Way to go!

  2. How did you get the free stuff?

  3. Yes, you rocked it girl! Good recap and with the picture, WOW! It looks like so much stuff! That is awesome. Hey, junk food. Whole grain fish crackers, soy milk, meat, oj, broccoli, salad...no way. They were good buys! I had a great time doing it. A little different than the old days where we shopped for clothes and ditched half our stuff by the checkout!

  4. Who watched your kids????

  5. Great job.....we are heading out tomorrow for another Target run. I am wishing I had a deep freezer for all this meat I've been buying! :-)

    I don't know how little your boys all are....but if they like Sesame Street, Barney or any of the Sprout characters, I have a Sprout giveaway going on. My little girl wishes we could enter :-)

    Have a great weekend