Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Holy Cheap!

I can feel the love! Lots of freebies and cheapies at WAGS this week. Here is the breakdown:

5 bottles Garnier= free after MQ + IVC
1 Glade Fragrance= free after MQ + IVC
3 Total toothpaste= 24 cents each after MQ + IVC (don't give me a hard time for 'paying')
9 Butterball chicken broth= 6.21 (but I will get $5 back for MIR)
1 Folgers Coffee= $2.74 (rain check) after MQ
1 Selsun shampoo= 5.99 after MQ

My total was $4.32 after using $13.50 in register rewards. I will also get $5 back from the mail in rebate! I put the 4.32 on my gift card (which just got reloaded!) so I actually paid nothing out of pocket!!

The most impressive part? My total savings for sales and coupons was $56.04!!!
Definitely worth the trip I'd say. It pays to save those coupons!

Have a great day everyone. As always, let me know what deals you are rocking this week. Stay tuned, I am doing a Target run today to try and snag some food deals!

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  1. Hey....I left you some coupons in your door; did you get them?