Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Walgreen's goodies

Made my weekly run to Walgreens yesterday and thought I'd share what I got!
  • 2 Hellmann's mayo $2.99 sale, used $0.75 MQ
  • 1 Colgate toothpaste $2.99, used $1 MQ and got $2 RR- net FREE
  • 3 Kotex tampons 3/$9, used $1/2 MQ and got $4 RR- net 3 box for $4
  • 2 Trash bags $2.99, just an awesome price in my book
  • 2 Lysol toilet cleaner buy one at $2.79, get one free. used $1/2 MQ to get both for $1.79

My out of pocket was $23.24, with a coupon/ad savings of $15.66. Plus I still have $6 RR that I earned. The total is a little higher than I would like, but I am happy with the deals. I could have done 2 transactions in order to lower my out of pocket, but I didn't.

The Kotex are a really good deal. What I should have done was buy 4 boxes for $12 and used 2 $1/2 MQ to have a total of $10 out of pocket. Then you will receive 4 RR and when all is said and done you would have 4 boxes for $5....Only $1.25 per box. I may have to go back and do this deal myself!

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