Sunday, January 24, 2010

Rolling Pig Deal

There is a smokin' hot deal at Piggly Wiggly that is going until Tuesday.

Betty Crocker fruit snacks are on sale for 4/$5. When you use the $1/2 coupons (from and you end up getting them 4/$3.

To sweeten the deal even better, when you buy 8 boxes, you get a catalina (coupon for $$ to use on your next order) for $3.50. And the deal is rolling...which means you can use the catalina to buy 8 more boxes. I was able to get 8 boxes of fruit snacks for $2.50 total after figuring in the catalina and coupons.

Another rolling catalina deal I 3 boxes of General Mills cereal that are on sale for 3/$6.98. (there are coupons for GM cereals online $1). When you buy 3 boxes you also get a catalina $3.75 off of a future milk purchase. I bought milk that was $1.99 and got to keep the excess of the value towards my other groceries.

All told, I got all of the above groceries for $12.62!! (coupon and ad savings was $35.89) go me!


  1. Do you know if you are able to use internet coupons at Pardeeville?

  2. I should have clarified.....Piggly Wiggly is taking internet coupons now. Not sure what the value limit is.