Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Pierce's Highlights for the week

It's a new week and I've got a big problem. I am out of money in my grocery envelope and there is one more week before I get more. Yikes. I have enough in my checkbook 'buffer' that I always keep, but that is not the point.

January is the first month that we were going to try and lower our monthly grocery budget. apparently this is not going to be as easy as I thought. Hubby and I talked about it, and we are going back to the original amount for awhile. I guess we'll try that again in a couple months.

But now, it's on to the deals. As always check out the entire flyer either in the stores or online. Here are the deals according to me...

Page one
Bananas $0.38/lb
Quaker Savings: theses are all good prices and there are the following coupons available:
  • ad coupon $3/5 products
  • $1/2 Aunt Jemima syrup
  • $1/2 for chewy granola bars
  • $1 IP for Old fashion oats

Page two

Claussen pickles $2.50, use $1 IP

Johnsonville brats $2.50, $1/2 MQ

Grands Biscuits $1.25, use $1/2 IP

Yoplait gogurt $2, use $1/2 IP

Page three


Creamette pasta $1 (good price if at least 16 oz)

Chinet plates $2.50, use $2 MQ (expires 1/31 I believe)

Page four


Cauliflower $0.98/lb

Taco Bell salsa $1.66, use $1 MQ

Don't forget they also have a $0.98/lb special going on with pork this week as well. check it out!

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