Friday, January 22, 2010

Frugal Friday- swiffer

Over the Christmas Holiday we had some friends and family over at the house. I was cleaning up the house at the last minute and realized I had run out of the swiffer wet pads for mopping up the floor. I have wood laminate floors and have always used the wet swiffer and loved it.

But the refills are expensive. I always put off buying more until there is a good sale, but I can never find a really good price on it. I guess I had not remembered to buy more when I used up the last ones.

Desperate to get the floors cleaned I problem solved. Because really, there is no way I'm a "clean it on your hands and knees" kind of girl. Sorry, not my generation.

Look what I came up with....

I found that the bathroom washcloths are just the right width for the swiffer!

So line it up......

And push the cloth into the little tabs! It is PERFECT!
I seriously feel pretty smart about this one.
I found a bottle of "laminate floor cleaner" in the cupboard (must have bought it when I did the floors), so I sprayed and then pushed the swiffer over it.
The floors have never looked better!
When my bottle of cleaner is gone, I plan to make my own. I found a website that recommends using water and a little vinegar to clean the floors. So I will definitely mix my own bottle next time.
I probably didn't invent this idea, but I feel pretty good about it.
What are your frugal inventions? Please share!


  1. my friend becky and i do the same thing!(so, no sorry you didn't invent it but its still a wise idea and i'm sure we weren't the first ones either) and i do the vinegar and water thing for almost all my cleaning(cheap and healthier for all-especially for crawling babies) When we had our wood floors redone, the flooring guy recommended it also cause you don't get the build-up and fogginess you get with so many "wood" cleaners. tip: hot water works best cause it dries faster so no streaks so i just microwave it every so often.

  2. Well only thing I can think of is the gogurts as popsicles, good for the kids not all the sugar from regular ones.

  3. Very good idea. I've been thinking about getting one of the steam mops, but may give this a try first. When I was young, I was a down on my hands and knees cleaner, but can't anymore. Sponge mops just don't seem to get the floor clean.

  4. Love it! I will definitely be doing that when I run out. Anything to stay off the old hands/knees thing! Last time I did the floors on hands and knees I had a sore wrist for six weeks...after constantly leaning on one hand and scrubbing with the other!

  5. I'm so happy to read your post! I've been holding onto my kids old washcloths (most have Disney characters on them and they're now too old to use them). I knew that there had to be a good use for them. I love that they won't get thrown away and I can keep washing them and reusing them until they wear out. Brilliant!

  6. Carla- don't even hesitat on the steam mop! i have one and its wonderful! i got sucked in by the Shark Steam mop infomercial one day and couldn't get it out of my head so i did some research and found that the SteamFast floor cleaner at had better reviews and more flexibility and was way cheaper.
    i love mine and just feel much better about my kid crawling around (and the inevitable eating stuff off the floor when mom's not looking!)