Monday, January 11, 2010

Meal Plan Monday

  1. Lunch: grilled cheese or soup, fruit. Supper: spaghetti
  2. Lunch: turkey, veggie and chips. Supper: hot dogs, mac 'n cheese
  3. Lunch: sandwiches. Supper: beef stir fry, rice, peas
  4. chicken breasts, green beans, ?rice
  5. pork ribs, salad, corn, fries
  6. beef stew with mixed veggies
  7. pizza
  8. breakfast for dinner: waffles, ?sausage braid or eggs
  9. lunch: sandwiches. Supper: spaghetti
  10. Lunch: pigs in a blanket, fruit smoothie. Supper: chili
  11. chicken legs, mashed potatoes, beans
  12. pork chops, stuffing, salad, veggies
  13. hamburgers, baked beans, salad
  14. pizza
  15. turkey soup from mix, bread, veggie
  16. Lunch: taco salads. Supper: sandwiches, fruit smoothies
  17. Lunch: lasagna with garlic grands. Supper: sandwiches
  18. chicken thighs, rice, veggie
  19. tuna/cheese melts, veggies
  20. grilled fish, peas and rice
  21. pizza
  22. tator tot casserole, broccoli
  23. Lunch: turkey tetrazinni, Supper: sandwiches, fruit smoothies
  24. Lunch: manwich, chips. Supper: whatever is in the fridge
  25. chicken breast, rice, green bean casserole
  26. pork steaks, salad, fries
  27. homemade sub sandwiches, chips, veggie
  28. pizza
  29. fish sticks, fries, veggie
  30. lunch: taco salad. Supper: sandwiches, fruit smoothies
  31. Lunch: cheeseburgers, baked beans. Supper: spaghetti-Os

I just wanted to review what our menu plan for the month is. I put this week in bold. I am so happy to have the entire month planned out. It makes is so much easier to know that I have everything in the house to pull these meals together. I would highly recommend trying to meal plan for an entire month!

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