Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Stick up for what you want!

I have frustrated for the ages with the internet coupon policy currently in place at Pierce's. I complained about it but finally decided to take action.

I emailed the headquarters/main office and stated my frustration and even gave ways that internet coupons can be traced and explained that there are legitimate sites where you can print coupons with a higher than $1 value. I thought I'd share the email I received today....

"I want to thank you for the response that you sent in concerning internet coupons. We have set up our current process and system due to the amount of fraudulent coupons that we were receiving via the net. I am in the process of re-evaluating our coupon policy. This is happening because of your response. Again, I appreciate your comments and will be back in contact with you in the near future to communicate the outcome. '

I am looking forward to seeing/hearing if there will be any improvement in the policy. I expressed to them my frustration about having to go to another store in order to use those higher value. They are losing my business when I would rather keep it at their store. I like to think they value their customers and this is what is leading to the review.

I will keep you posted as well!

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